Throwing '50 Shades' to Bloggers(ish)

We’ll be perfectly honest with you all (because when are we not?), we’re sick and tired of women claiming to be “Feminists” because it’s the trendy thing to do. Why can’t we all be supportive of one another without being called a “Feminist”? Time and time again, we hear stories about fellow bloggers getting nasty with one another and becoming super competitive. Really? Did you just happen to invent the concept of blogging where you feel entitled to claim every little thing about it? No, so stop. Why does it take a day like International Women’s Day for all of us to sit back and pretend to be supportive of one another? Because it’s the trendy thing to do. Well, we’re calling your bluff because it’s all a bunch of bullshit.

That being said, we pride ourselves on actually supporting women in our industry today and EVERY DAY, for that matter. Maybe it’s because what we do doesn’t compare to what everyone else out there is doing that makes it easier for us to have that mindset, but it’s all relative in the grand scheme of things. Our blog was started on a real friendship with real goals in mind for the future of our company, which is probably why brands and businesses continue to work with us. As you can see, we don’t sugar coat ANYTHING - what you see is what you get. We are not the bloggers that say “yes” to everything because it comes with the word “free” all over it. Beware of the bloggers out there who do that, because they’re out there. We’re real, we’re best friends and we will ALWAYS tell it how it is. Rest assured dear readers.


So, what does this have to do with the ‘50 Shades of Bloggin’ event we attended last month? Everything. Everything, because we were surrounded by bloggers and influencers JUST like us. Bloggers that go out of their way to empower and promote one another even if they are also competitors. Insert why we love Sean Koski, Brian Kelly and Lauren Leaderhouse, Co-Founders of The Circle in Delray Beach. They're the real deal as they built their business with brand empowerment in mind, and get it. The Circle hosts events monthly to showcase the latest brands that have a pop-up shop in their space. We have become true regulars at The Circle because it’s always packed with creative minds, innovative ideas and new ways of marketing fashion and lifestyle businesses! Who wouldn’t want to hangout there and collaborate all day?

So, when Sean, Brian and Lauren approached us about attending their ‘50 Shades of Bloggin’ event, we knew we wouldn't miss it. No one throws an event or party like this trio, so we were more than happy to accept our invitation.

In true fashion, they planned an event that would bring local and national influencers and bloggers together on February 24th called ‘50 Shades of Blogging’. Bravo TV star Lauren Wirkus of SUMMER HOUSE co-hosted ‘50 Shades of Bloggin’ with BIG KID PROBLEMS creator Sarah Merrill along with Rosé Season creator, Sarah Billstein, who was on site to personally showcase the rosé lifestyle with an exclusive pop-up shop featuring rosé themed items. It couldn’t have been more fabulous.

We can't tell you how refreshing it was to be surrounded by successful women that have each others backs and continue to empower one another. Imagine that.

There’s nothing we love more than networking with fellow fashion and lifestyle influencers, and this brunch allowed us to do just that! Bloggers and guests were treated to delectable food from Potions in Motions while sipping on an endless supply of rosé provided by Villa Riviera and signature cocktails provided by Starr Rum.

Upon taking our seats at the sprawling 50ft table provided by Atlas Event Rentals we were gifted beautifully boxed jewelry from Kendra Scott. It was INCREDIBLE all around. No detail was left unturned.

Following the delitcable brunch, we were invited inside to shop at other exclusive pop-up shops taking residence at The Circle, which included iShine 365, Trina Turk, Uwila Warrior, Kon-Dor Handbags, Whiskers Laces, and XOXO Pink Karma.

Of course, The Circle had an onsite “beauty bar”, which was complimentary to all invited guests and included hair touch ups by ShearLuck Salon, and nail polish changes by Emilie Heathe via Allure by The Sea Day Spa. If that wasn’t enough, our car’s even received the royal treatment, as Washé was onsite with their on-demand car washing system. We’ve been big fans of Washé since they launched last year, so that was a great thing to add on to the day. All influencers who were in attendance received a gift bag valued at $1,250 which included products from: Light Stim, Washé, Starr Rum, Sipp Organic, Boxed Water, CocoFloss, The Style Club LA, iShine 365, Apricot Lane Boutique in Delray Beach, Trina Turk, + more.

Some of the bloggers and influencers in attendance at The Circle Presents: 50 Shades of Bloggin’ included: Lauren Wirkus, @BigKidProblems, @RoseSeason, @llscene, @pbsocialdiary, @WillWorkForFashion_ @tinseldot, @KierMellour, @Mdc_Etta, @letsbemomfriends, @pelleriniproclaims, @brokersandbags, @laurenleaderhouse, @Seankoskii, @theconfusedmil and so much more! The event overall had a combined following of over 2.5 million! This is what The Circle is all about, bringing community influencers and brands together to empower and increase awareness about one another. Take some time to follow these bloggers and influencers because each and every one of them bring a slight twist and flair to fashion and beauty!

As International Women's Day comes to an end, we urge you all to remember what this day is all about and implement that into your every day lives. Support one another in everything you do, and stop bringing others down that bravely put themselves out there, whether you believe in what they're doing or not. For those of you who continue to support us and have been with us from the start, THANK YOU. You have believed in us, which has made it that much easier for us to do what we do on a regular basis. We love you all.

Photos by the talented team of Concha Solutions, LLC.


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