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What do the changes to Facebook & Instagram mean for you?

What do the changes to Facebook & Instagram mean for you?

As “social media experts” we are here to enhance your online presence and grow your business by using social media as a digital marketing tool. That being said, we’re constantly keeping up with the changes that take place within Facebook and Instagram apps as well, and if you haven’t been living under a rock, you’re well aware of the changes that were announced yesterday. If you have been living under a rock, have no fear we're here to keep you informed.

What does all of this mean for you and your business? Well, it means a lot. After scandal upon scandal CEO Mark Zuckerberg started a two-day developer conference with a terrible joke about how Facebook hasn’t had the strongest reputation when it comes to protecting its users' privacy. Nobody laughed, he stood there awkwardly and continued...

Moving on to more important things like what all of this means for you.

Let’s start with Facebook.

  • Facebook is getting a makeover. It’s unclear what this makeover means for your privacy, but we will see that roll out in the next couple months. We have been told to be patient. But, you have probably already noticed the new logo. The Facebook logo is now a circle instead of a square. GROUNDBREAKING.

  • The “new app” will focus on Facebook groups with a faster Messenger app with ways to watch videos in real-time together. The Messenger app will also launch in well under two seconds and take up much less space on your phone.

  • Facebook has now joined the “dating game” by launching a Facebook Dating feature, which will debut later this year in the United States. People will be able to set up a dating profile on Facebook, but it won't be visible to friends or show up on News Feeds. Privacy, privacy, privacy. With Facebook’s new Dating Feature you will also have an option called “Secret Crush”, which will let users create a private list of friends they’re interested in dating. If two friends put each other on their secret list, Facebook will alert them. They will also add another feature called “Make New Friends” to connect people who are interested in meeting new people. Smart. Who wants to date people they already know these days?

What about Instagram?

  • Instagram has added a way to directly buy products through “creators” which include verified brands and famous people on the platform. If you see something you want to buy from a celebrity or verified influencer, you can purchase looks directly from the feeds of your favorite celebs. Celebrities, artists, athletes, publishers and other public figures will tag the products they’re wearing with shop-able tags and you can purchase it right then and there. *Influencers will not get a % of any sale. To test the concept, they started the functionality with public figures such as Kim Kardashian West, Kylie Jenner, and Gigi Hadid. Some of our favs. Other publishers like Vogue and Elle will get the feature too. Shopping just got that much easier and that much more dangerous.

What do the changes to Facebook & Instagram mean for you?

  • Hey influencers heyyyy. But, not so fast. You are now going to be held accountable for your followers, or “lack thereof”. Your follower count will now be less prevalent on the app. As bloggers/influencers that DON’T buy their followers and likes, we have nothing to be afraid of, but for those who have been buying your “interactions”, buckle up. We are most excited about this change because we’ve been on to you “social buyers” for years now.

  • Instagram is also testing out hiding “likes” from public view to make users less concerned with their own popularity and more concerned with actual insights and engagement. Because guess what? “Likes” DON’T MATTER, they never have. It’s ALL ABOUT ENGAGEMENT.

  • There will also be an “Away Mode” for sensitive times to fight against bullying. This will mean that people can opt out of Instagram during a sensitive time in their lives. Bravo IG! We are all about accountability!

  • Fundraising just got that much easier. There is now a “Fundraiser” option for Instagram stories.

  • There will also be a new “Create Mode” button so you don’t have to post a photo or video. You can create a post by just using stickers, quizzes, GIFs or other features in Instagram stories.

Back to privacy…

What do the changes to Facebook & Instagram mean for you?

In addition to rolling out new features for Facebook and Instagram, Zuckerberg outlined six principles of privacy they are focusing on: private interactions, encryption, reduced permanence (content and messages that disappear), being able to communicate across different networks and platforms, safety, and secure data storage. These are all services and ideas that will be developed in the upcoming years. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Did this clear up any confusion you may have had after the social media hoopla yesterday? It sure did for us. Thanks Marky Mark. Keep making our industry more powerful and accountable. Whew, that was exhausting.

What do the changes to Facebook & Instagram mean for you?

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