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Less Stress at your Home-Office Desk

Less Stress at your Home-Office Desk

Correct us if we’re wrong, but most of us are still working from home right? How’s your desk situation working out for you? It probably started off as an organized mess until you realized your new home office was going to turn into somewhat of a more permanent situation until further notice. Being that we are two girls that have been working from home for 5 years, we know a thing or two about what it takes to have a comfortable yet efficient home office. After an immense amount of research and trialing different products, we have come up with a list of must-have home office accessories to keep you comfortable and chic while you work from home.

Blue Light Glasses

We’re starting off with our Blue Light Glasses from because they’re truly a work-from-home essential we can’t live without. After looking at a computer screen for over 6 hours a day, it’s safe to say our eyes are strained after a long day of work. Did you know that almost 70% of Americans experience digital eye strain due to prolonged use of electronic devices, and no one understands how that feels more than we do? According to vision experts, our eyes aren’t designed to be exposed to computer screens, phones, and televisions as often as they are.

Less Stress at your Home-Office Desk

The blue light transferred off of these divides can cause eye fatigue, dry eyes, blurred vision, headaches - symptoms of digital eye strain all of these are known as Computer Vision Syndrome. This also has a large impact on our quality of sleep at night. Ever since we started wearing Pixel Eye Wear’s Blue Light Glasses our tension headaches have subsided, our eyes don’t feel heavy and strained after a long day, and we’re sleeping better too. We feel so strongly about Blue Light Glasses and love that Pixel Eyewear’s glasses come with so many options and styles. Check them out, you won’t regret it.

Release Stress at the Desk

Not only can sitting at a desk all day affect your eyes, but it can also affect your body tremendously. We interviewed one of the Co-Founders of The BoHa Studio, Eliana Gutierrez to find simple yoga poses we can be doing while seated at our desks to release stress and enhance our posture.

“A lot has been said about the benefits of abdominal breathing on stress, but have you heard about Reverse Breathing, also called Taoist Breathing, pre-birth or womb breathing? To help you practice, place your hands on your stomach to feel how it fits under the ribs.” - Eliana Gutierrez, Co-Founder of The BoHa Studio. Learn more about The BoHa Studio at or if you have ClassPass and love it as much as we do, click here, to sign up for your classes at The BoHa Studio!

Less Stress at your Home-Office Desk
Less Stress at your Home-Office Desk

More Tips from The BoHa Studio...

  • Lying or sitting, take a long inhale through the nose by tucking the belly as if to slide the organs under the ribs. Inhale by contracting the perineum.

  • Stay a few moments in apnea and then blow hard through your mouth while contracting the abdominals.

  • Only 3 breathing cycles or up to 3 minutes of practice is enough. This exercise is as good as abdominal breathing as it produces an internal massage of the organs, tones the abdominals, and relaxes the diaphragm until it gains breathing amplitude. Reverse Breathing can help deepen meditation, cultivate relaxation, and concentration while strengthening one’s immune system. The overall state of well being contributes to release stress and improve neck and back pain.

The BoHa Studio is one of our favorite new yoga studios in Boca Raton and they just re-opened their doors and classes to ensure South Floridians remain centered, peaceful, and mindful after two months in quarantine. Rest assured, they’re taking every CDC precaution necessary to ensure the safety of their guests.

The BoHa Studio

(561) 717-4900

5999 N Federal Hwy Suite # 3, Boca Raton, FL 33487


You can’t have a productive home office without the perfect desk to go with it, and is filled with options that fit any price point and any workspace. If you were thrown into the concept of working from home, you probably want an inexpensive desk that fits the vibe of your new home office while providing the best ways to stay organized and productive. Here are some of our favorites.

Less Stress at your Home-Office Desk

The Bradon Bost Desk

Less Stress at your Home-Office Desk

Rosenblatt L-Shape Credenza Desk

Less Stress at your Home-Office Desk

Rundall Writing Desk

Desk Chair

You can’t have a desk without the perfect desk chair to go with it. If you’re like us, you’re probably sitting at your desk all-day, which means there’s nothing more important than what you’re sitting on. As usual, comes in to save the day with affordably chic options.

Less Stress at your Home-Office Desk

Penny Task Chair

Less Stress at your Home-Office Desk

Pennell Task Chair

Less Stress at your Home-Office Desk

Montero Task Chair

Water Bottles

We’ve been talking a lot to people who recently started working from home and one of their main concerns is the fact that their schedules have been thrown off immensely and that includes the amount of their water intake. Believe it or not, this is something that a lot of people have been talking about lately, so we’re here with one of our favorite water bottles that will keep you focused and hydrated throughout the week.

Less Stress at your Home-Office Desk

Brita Wate Bottle with Filter

Let’s Get Organized

It wouldn’t be an article about creating a comfortable home office without a little organization. Amazon provides many options to help you quickly organize your life, but especially your office. From shelving to folders, notebooks, planners, and more. You will feel a sense of peace and accomplishment after you complete these tasks.

Less Stress at your Home-Office Desk

Nathan James Theo 5-Shelf Ladder Bookcase with Brass Metal Frame, 5-Tier, White/Gold

Less Stress at your Home-Office Desk

Inspirational File Folders

Less Stress at your Home-Office Desk

The Chic Stapler

Less Stress at your Home-Office Desk

Leather Desk Pad

Less Stress at your Home-Office Desk

Office Desk Organizer

Less Stress at your Home-Office Desk

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