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A Boss(ie) Babe Blowout in Minutes

Boss(ie) Babe Blowouts in Minutes

As much as we love to praise ourselves about our expertise in beauty, skincare, and haircare there’s one thing that has always been a challenge for us, curling our hair with a curling iron. We even talk about it in our first tutorial with Bossie Beauty, here. I know it sounds silly, but we have tried to learn this technique so many times and it always ends up looking like a hot mess, so we have always resulted to using a wand instead. We still love our wands, but if you’re looking for less of a beach wave and more of a romantic “blowout looking” curl, using your Bossie Flat Iron to curl your hair is the way to go.

Boss(ie) Babe Blowouts in Minutes

How did we come to “master” this technique you ask? We’re embarrassed to say, but...TikTok. Say what you will about TikTok but if you’re on Facebook and Instagram all day like us for your clients and career, TikTok is the perfect escape from it all. With that, we’ve been introduced to an array of tips and tricks when it comes to doing our hair and makeup and this is how we learned a new way to master curling our hair with a flat iron.

You can watch the entire tutorial on our new YouTube channel, here, but it’s fairly simple to master on your own.

  • Section off your hair like you normally due before curling.

  • Grab a small piece of hair and wrap it once around the iron and stick the end of your hair into the small opening of the iron and glide it in a downward motion to get your “blowout looking curl.” Watching the video will explain this a lot better.

  • Start from the bottom of your head and work your way up. We promise it will get easier as you continue on. You want the curls to mostly take up the bottom of your hair for a sleek, finished look.

  • *Insider tip: curl your hair backward with your hands after every strand and run your fingers through your hair in the same motion when you’re finished for a completed, sleek “blowout look.”

We love using our Bossie Beauty flat iron for this technique because it’s less direct heat on our hair and our hair glides easily down the flap when we curl. Use promo code; BOSSLLSCENE at checkout for 10% off. Click on the link below to purchase! You will become as obsessed as we are with this product. CLICK HERE to purchase yours today, you’ll love it!

Boss(ie) Babe Blowouts in Minutes

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