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LLScene's New Instagram Account

Well, I guess it’s true what they say, you haven’t “made it” until you’ve been hacked. After a grueling month in a half trying to communicate with Instagram and ward off hackers we have officially given up on trying to get our old Instagram account, (@LLScene) back, so feel free to unfollow that account and follow us on our new official Instagram account @LLScene_. We won’t get into the details of getting hacked because we want to put this all behind us, but after refusing to negotiate with the hackers while trying to get in touch with Instagram/Facebook/Meta, we have made the decision to start fresh with a new Instagram! Luckily, we were able to manually export all of our memories from LLScene’s original Instagram account from 2014 on, so we will never lose those memories but we’ll admit, it’s kind of nice to have a fresh start especially as we both embark on huge new milestones in our lives.

We appreciate your patience this last month - especially with the businesses and brands we work with as we have tried to navigate the best way to tackle this problem. So, we’ll just pick up right where we left off! Stay tuned!


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