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2014: Our First Branding Photoshoot

Last week we gave you updates on all of the new things we’ve been up to and today we’re throwing it back to our first branding photoshoot in 2014. We were BABIES. Lindsey was 26 and Lilly was 25, had just launched a company together, and knew we needed to brand ourselves. The only person we trusted with our vision was the talented @lucibeautyofficial, (LUCI BEAUTY) so we brought our Pinterest inspiration to her and she made it happen.

If you're just starting a business, you'll want to create your brand identity ASAP. What are your objectives? How do you want to come off? What does your logo represent? Do you have proper assets for your website and social media platforms? What is your color scheme? All of that matters. You'll also want your hair and makeup done and a professional photographer you can trust with your vision.

What are some of your favorite memories of starting your business?


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