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Troy Simmons at Art Basel

Amongst the many events we have going on this holiday season, Art Basel in Miami Beach has got to be one of our favorites. Art Basel is the only place to be #OnTheScene this weekend as you become immersed in the over-the-top parties complete with red bottomed heels and Botoxed air-kisses. However, Art Basel isn’t all about the celebrity filled parties; there are amazingly talented artists that deserve serious recognition.


This is a special year for LLScene because one of our close friends will be featured at Art Basel. Meet Miami artist, Troy Simmons, who explores the evolution of urbanism through his large-scale concrete canvases, which are a mix of acrylic paints and raw materials.

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 11.05.11 PM.png
Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 11.05.02 PM.png

At first glance, the magnitude of Simmons’ work is clearly realized; a rough yet raw relationship often described as a tragic illustration of urbanism. There’s nothing we love more than dark art filled symbolism that truly makes you think. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the meaning and inspiration behind Simmons’ latest collection, which was evolved after a recent trip he took to Germany. He spent time with his wife’s family exploring Baden-Württemberg in the southern part of the country. A glimpse of Germany’s postwar architecture and traditional heritage is evidently mixed with the modern construction you will find in Simmons’ work at Art Basel.

SIMMONS- GENESIS III - 48X48X3 - 2014-2 -signature.jpg

You won’t want to pass up the opportunity to preview Troy Simmons’ work. Under the direction of JanKossen Contemporary Art Gallery in Basel, Switzerland, Simmons will showcase his new concrete work during a solo show at CONTEXT Miami Art Fair December 2nd- 7th at booth #E75. He will also have several pieces on display at SCOPE Art Show Miami Beach. Sample of his current work at

troy simmons context.jpg

There isn’t a year that passes when we aren’t amazed by the talent and dedication behind the artists featured at Art Basel. Being artistic comes in many forms; when we express our artistic side through fashion and writing, other talented artists like Troy Simmons express themselves through the purist form of the word, ‘art’.

In between the partying, shopping, and food sampling, we definitely plan on taking time to enjoy the artwork during Art Basel this year, and encourage all of you to do the same!

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