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Spa-La-La Soiree - Event Recap

It was a luxurious night at Bella Reina Spa last Thursday as we welcomed the holiday season feeling beautiful and bright. Who needs ugly sweaters and stereotypical holiday events when you’re invited to a glamorous Spa-La-La Soiree! LLScene partnered with Bella Reina Spa to transform their spa into live beauty, lifestyle, and food experience. We are so grateful for the new friendship we have formed with the team at Bella Reina Spa, and honored for the opportunity to work with them on this event. A pioneer in her field, owner Nancy Reagan has been nationally recognized as an expert in beauty, nutrition, weight loss, skin care, and makeup. Nancy and Bella Reina Spa have been featured in the New York Times, WebMD, Les Nouvelles Esthetique & Spa, and PC Advisor for spa industry expertise and business success. With Bella Reina’s innovative anti-aging spa treatments and philosophy, we know we will look and feel our best in years to come.


The Spa-La-La Soiree benefitted two wonderful, CROS Ministries and the Chris Evert Charities. We are always looking to give back to the community especially during the holidays.

Upon entering Bella Reina Spa, guests were greeted with a glass of champagne, a TilleyCake, and a one-on-one beauty bar styling session and consultation by Salon Amici.


Each room inside the spa was transformed into an interactive beauty demonstration complete with a Brow Demo, Makeup Demo, and Skincare Demo. Because of Bella Reina’s makeup demo, we FINALLY mastered the art of contouring!


#SceneGirls in action.


You all might recognize this beautiful husband and wife photography team, ArtCImages Photography from past events we have done. That is because we refuse to go with anyone else. Founders, Kevin & Marissa Cucci photograph all of LLScene’s events because of their professionalism, quality work, and down right talent. Because of her Miami Dolphin Cheerleading days, Lilly is a VERY harsh critic when it comes to photographers. You will be happy to know that she gives ArtCImages a 100% stamp of approval. Their work speaks for itself, which you can see in all of the event photos here. They provide photography services for anything you can think of. From weddings, engagement sessions, maternity photos, senior class photos, holiday card photos, and newborn photos, they can truly do it all. Stay tuned for an entire write up on ArtCImages in a future blog post!


We were so lucky to have South Florida’s best DJ, and owner of Supersede, Andrew Beckwith, provide entertainment for the night. Andrew and his team are by far the best of the best when it comes to music and entertainment in South Florida. Supersede has been the official Miami Dolphins DJ, spinning live at Sun Life Stadium for all of the Dolphin home games and also works live events with the Miami Dolphins staff, cheerleaders, and players. He had 18 gigs this weekend because of Art Basel, but he personally took the time to come up to Delray Beach to DJ our event. We were beyond grateful. We can’t imagine using anyone else for our events, and highly recommend them to any company or individual seeking entertainment for an event big or small. Supersede is #LLSceneApproved.

DJ Supersede.jpg

Jennifer Ashley was in attendance providing onsite Jennifer is LLScene’s resident life coach and motivator. She is very big about living in the moment and not letting the stress of the holidays get to you. This is the time of year we should spend with our families, counting our blessings, and reflecting on all the great accomplishments you have achieved this year. A lot of people get wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of the season, and Jen is there to bring us all back to earth and teach to us live in the ‘now’. Whenever we’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and want to pull our hair out, Jen is there to calm us down and put it all into perspective. It’s been a busy season for LLScene, so we don't know what we would do without her. Jennifer is now offering an 8 Week Self Mastery Course, which will begin January 20! We will be doing a ‘women empowerment’ dinner next month with Jennifer Ashley & Bella Reina. Stay tuned for more details!


We had an AMAZING company cater the Spa-La-La Soiree, Whisked Away. LLScene used them for Wonderland Bridal Couture’s Grand Opening and couldn't have been happier. I think it’s safe to say that Whisked Away will be a permanent fixture for LLScene events. Chef Adam, hand-crafted three different types of Vietnamese spring rolls, one of which included a tofu option. They also provided an asian noodle salad and edamame, which were both huge hits! As you can see from the pictures, the presentation of the food went with the theme of the event, opulent and luxurious.


If you haven’t experienced Onli Beverage, you need to run to Publix NOW and pick up a case of their flavored sparkling water. We try to book Onli Beverage for any event or party we do at LLScene because of the refreshing sensation that comes with every sip of this drink. LLScene’s favorite flavor is watermelon, but they provide an intricate palette of tastes that expand upon each other to shape a culinary chefs-d’oeuvre. We also can’t leave out the fact that the packaging of the bottles and presentation is absolutely adorable.


Our beautiful friend Jess is the founder of the DELICIOUS cupcake company, TilleyCakes. Jess provided red velvet sweets stuffed with cookie dough for Spa-La-La. Why we love TilleyCakes so much? They are mini stuffed cupcakes filled with ooey, gooey amazingness, that are all under 130 calories. There’s nothing more attractive than stuffing a huge cupcake in your mouth while mingling at luxurious spa events. We were looking good and feeling good at Spa-La-La thanks to TilleyCakes. Visit to see how you can hire them for your next event, wedding, or party.


We absolutely love Shani Studios and the hand crafted jewelry pieces they makes. Shani has an array of beautiful statement pieces, yogini jewelry, and colorful conversation starters; there is literally something for everyone. With her wide variety of selections, you can find a piece that speaks to your inner boho, or buy someone the perfect gift.


It’s no secret that we are OBSESSED with the entire concept of BiziBubble, a monthly gift you can actually look forward to! It’s so easy and convenient with its subscription service, where women can get their feminine hygiene products delivered to their door automatically every month. They are able to customize EXACTLY what they need each month without having too many unwanted sizes or quantities left over. And...not for nothing, but the owner of Jackie and #SceneGirl Lindsey are soul sisters because they both had their wedding ceremonies and receptions at The Breakers!


It’s a dream to have the perfect manicure 24/7, but none of us have the time, money, or talent to achieve that on our own...until now! JamBerry wraps are the newest, most affordable and long lasting way to accessorize your fingers or toes. It was really easy for us to get behind this brand. They come in over 300 styles, and you can even customize your own wrap! The best part, is that they keep their fresh look for over 10+ days. Gone are the days of nails that chip and flake after only a few days! You would think that something this fabulous would be difficult to apply, but it’s not! The entire process takes less than 5 minutes. For more information, contact our favorite Jamberry rep, Jillianne. She will take really good care of you!


You already know how we feel about Carlos Marrero and will continue to love and support his every move, personally and professionally. Carlos himself, showcased some of his best ‘fashionista’ artwork, handbag collection, and scarves. Carlos is currently celebrating 25 years as a fashion illustrator by launching his new brand of artwork and accessories called The Marrero Collection. The Marrero Collection is a compilation of alluring statement pieces designed for the fashionista looking for unique fashion items without the couture price tag. LLScene absolutely loves his work because of its whimsical vision of fashion and femininity.


Are are so grateful for all of the wonderful people that came out to support us, Bella Reina Spa, and these wonderful businesses. Stay tuned for more information about future #LLSceneEvents.

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