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#SceneGirl Must Haves - Bekah Darling

We received a lot of great feedback when we posted pictures from the FSU vs. Miami game showcasing our adorable LLScene koozies and FSU clutches, so we wanted to spread the word and let you all know about the amazing company we got them through, Bekah Darling!


Bekah Darling sells everything off of Etsy, so she is extremely easy and great to work with. We had so many questions about her products and she would ALWAYS respond back to us within seconds of receiving our emails. Bekah herself, graduated from FSU, so we knew we were dealing with someone that clearly had her shit together. It also made it a lot more fun to work with someone that was equally as excited as we were for the big game.


Bekah Darling takes customization to new levels as she has been sewing and creating things like this since she was 11. She has now started creating her own patterns and items from scratch. With a true love for creativity, sewing & design and needles & thread; Bekah Darling is still growing in all realms. She is now tapping into various creative outlets such as: vinyl & embroidery, which is what she did on our FSU clutches!


All of her products are meticulously made and put together, so quality will never be an issue. As a former bride, and bridesmaid, we know first hand how difficult it can be to pick out wedding party gifts. Bekah Darling exceeds expectations in the bridal department with her attention to detail and talent.


We obviously put our LLScene stamp of approval with Bekah Darling and encourage all of you to do the same. If you don’t see something you’re looking for, just email her, and she will tell you if you can or can’t do it. That’s what we did with our koozies, and couldn’t be happier! Her Facebook page, Bekah Darling and Instagram (bekah_darling) showcases all of the great products she offers! Mention LLScene for a special discount!

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