LLScene Does Derby

Derby Cover.jpg

It's no secret, the majority of us spent our morning braving the crowds for Lilly Pulitzer at Target yesterday. Now you have an excuse to sport your Lilly looks in style because your #SceneGirls are throwing a Kentucky Derby Party!

Derby Invite.jpg

There's officially a party/event/reason to buy a big hat and dress up for the Kentucky Derby. Lindsey & Lilly are hosting their first annual Kentucky Derby party, Saturday, May 2nd at 3pm at Salt7 on Atlantic Ave in Delray Beach.

Lindsey had the honor of actually attending the Derby a couple of years ago when she was visiting her friend Amanda in Kentucky! She witnessed amazing fashion, and got to see how the other half lived, (from afar of course, if you’re not watching from the infield, actual tickets are like $600).

Amanda's mom is the cutest!


It was a VERY cold & rainy day!


With people mudsliding, better known as the "mud people"....


The fashion that goes into the Kentucky Derby can be intimidating. We'd be lying if we said we haven't been strategizing our outfits & hats for the past month. If you're still on the fence as to what to wear to our big event, or any Derby events you're attending this weekend, stay tuned for our 'week of' fashion round up post. We'll make sure you're welcoming the weekend in style under that big hat of yours!

We can’t talk about Derby fashion without bringing up our beloved celebrities. Here are some of our favorite celeb looks of yesteryear. Yes, we included Nick Lachey with Jessica Simpson AND with his now wife, Vanessa Lachey - we couldn’t help ourselves (Newlyweds lives on through LLScene). ...And fellas, if you're looking for a little fashion inspiration yourselves, scroll down and use Tom Brady as your template.

Kim K