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#SceneGirls Guide to the NFL Draft

Ladies, we’re back with another #SceneSports post to get you through an inevitably long night of football. Get ready, tonight is going to be a ‘man cave’ night, but that doesn't mean you can’t ‘bro it out’ like the best of them. Today we bring your our #SceneGirl Guide to the NFL Draft.

Why do we care? One name, two words: Jameis Winston.

Despite what the rest of the world thinks, we LOVE Jameis at LLScene. He can do no wrong (and has done no wrong) in our eyes. Haters, don’t even start because Lindsey will mutilate you in words - she’s very passionate about her Jameis. Anyways, aside from the immense negativity surrounding poor Jameis, he is the most talented player entering the draft this year. Jameis is expected (and will) be the first pick in the draft by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

You get to watch people’s dreams come true. We have all watched Friday Night Lights, if you haven’t watched this amazing show (yes show, not movie), you need to make a date with Netflix ASAP. Those of you who are fellow Dillon Panthers’, you understand what these athletes go through to get to this point. The end all be all to their goals revolve around the NFL Draft. Speaking of Friday Night Lights, Tim Riggins would have looked really good celebrating the NFL Draft in a suit, just sayin'...

It’s hard not to talk about the players without mentioning the their amazing moms. Some of the players attend the draft, but most of them have a viewing party at their homes surrounded by family and friends. This is when you get to witness the raw moments of a proud mama’s dreams flash before her very eyes. They have worked so hard to get their children to where they are today, it’s extremely humbling to watch. Here are some of our favorite NFL Mom moments. How adorable are these videos?!

Despite what you may think, the NFL Draft can get really dramatic and cutthroat. There are always last minute trades, picks, and backstage manipulation happening up until the last second. Just watch the movie, Draft Day if you don't believe us.

Being forced to watch a lot of ESPN this week, we have a good idea about how the draft will go tonight. Impress your man with some of these LLScene favorites.

Pick 1 (obv): Jameis Winston to Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Someone will trade up for Marcus Mariota. We think it will be either the Philadelphia Eagles or the Cleveland Browns.

Pick 2: If the Tennessee Titan’s don’t select Marcus Mariota, we predict they will go with Leonard Williams.

You didnt think we would get through an entire sports post and not mention the eye candy, did you? Our favs...Eric Decker, Blake Bortals, Jay Cutler, & of course Christian Ponder...

That’s all for today #SceneGirls. Hope we have made your night of football a little more enjoyable with this post.

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