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Get Ready to Shake It Off at Pure Pilates Austin

Hey guys it’s Lindsey reporting from my new favorite fitness studio, Pure Pilates Austin that I just tried for the first time yesterday and I’m officially hooked. However, don’t let the name fool you because Pure Pilates is so much more than a pilates class as it teaches one of the most effective workouts out there, Lagree fitness on the Megaformer. If you know anything about Lagree fitness you know it’s one of the hottest fitness trends because you will see results almost instantly. I haven’t taken a Lagree fitness class in years and one day at Pure Pilates Austin had me feeling stronger and leaner than I have in a long time. Natalie was my instructor at the South Lamar location and she was so good about walking the class through each step and movement on the Megareformer to ensure we had the proper form to feel each and every muscle we were working on and I’m feeling it in the best way possible today.

Pure Pilates Austin takes you through an intense, full-body Lagree workout that focuses on sculpting and toning the muscles while working your core strength at the same time, you will recognize muscles you never knew existed. You work these muscles to exhaustion and “shake so good.” Rest assured, Pure Pilates Austin is a boutique fitness studio that offers intimate classes where everyone has their own Megareformer and time with the instructor to help you achieve individual fitness goals.

*Photo Credit: Weston Carls

Side note: I’d also like to give a shoutout to Healthish for my new favorite everyday water bottle that holds me accountable for drinking water throughout the day. With so many water bottle companies out there, I’m happy to have found Healthish because they provide a simple way to consume all the water you need throughout the day. You just have to fill it twice a day and that’s all the water you need. I also love how durable and chic it is with the frosted plastic because it feels soft and luxurious in your hands. It’s the perfect water bottle to bring with you to a workout and have on you throughout the day.

I left having a newfound love for Lagree fitness after giving it up for so many years and that’s because Pure Pilates Austin brought it back in me. I highly recommend Natalie at the South Lamar location as your instructor. The class went by so fast and she really explains the muscle groups you’re working on so you can feel it while working out and the next day. I’m 100% going to start attending class at Pure Pilates Austin 2-3 times a week because I know this is what my body needs to get back into tip-top shape. I’m already trying to figure out when I can take my next class and give it a 10/10. Thank you Pure Pilates Austin for having me and bringing Lagree fitness back into my life!


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