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Girl, Check Your Eyes | SightCraft Eyecare and Custom Optical

I know that book/ Author was "cancelled," but it got your attention because eyes are on SightCraft Eyecare and Custom Optical, the newest private practice optometry office in the artsy Northwood neighborhood of West Palm Beach. I’ve had 20/20 vision my entire life so prioritizing visits to the eye doctor has never been important to me, until now. Once you hit your mid 30’s you start thinking differently, which is why I’m so happy to know Dr. Sara Berke, Optometric Physician and Owner of SightCraft. Sara is so thorough, professional, and creative with everything she does. She and Luke Mills, (the other practicing Obstetrician), aren’t like regular eye doctors, they’re cool eye doctors.

Not only do they perform routine eye exams, but they also have a unique, boutique optical with the latest in eyewear fashion as well as a CUSTOM service where they can make something from scratch for you in their onsite workshop.

I made it a family affair and brought Nate, Nolan, and our friend, Ryan who picked up his custom frames. It’s nice to have an eye doctor's office that is chic, and innovative, it gets your mind off of what’s actually taking place when you get an eye exam (which wasn’t bad at all). We loved our experience at SightCraft! Check them out for all of your eye needs including designer and custom frames and sunglasses!

@sightcrafteye 540 Northwood Rd

West Palm Beach, FL 33407


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