How To Have a Hot Girl Summer

Who said the phrase “hot girl summer” only applies to single women? We’re officially making this phrase apply to ALL women no matter what your relationship status is because it’s so much more than that. It’s all about being you and embracing the growth you have made in quarantine in order to become the best version of yourself. We didn’t live through a global pandemic to not enjoy a “hot girl summer.” According to industry professionals, there has been an enormous spike in the skincare, beauty, and cosmetic industry. Medical spas and Estheticians have never been busier and that’s because people are ready to take off their masks to reveal their beautiful faces again! Can you blame them? After an immense amount of research and interviews, we’re ready to give you some tips, products, and places to go to achieve your very own “hot girl summer.”


It’s time to splurge a little and treat yourself. As most of you know from a previous article, Dash Medical Spa, Dash: Delray’s Hottest New Medical Spa is the first stop on our “hot girl summer” journey for many reasons. The masks are off and we can officially reveal our lips, don’t you want them to look their best? The Physician Assistants that perform their injections and treatments are top of the line and the best in the business. They take their time with you to ensure they’re performing treatments that are best for you and listen to what you want. Lindsey recently visited them for her own birthday/summer glow-up and couldn’t be happier with the results she achieved after receiving Lip Injections. Dr. Chelsea A. Troiano, MD, Female Facial Plastic Surgeon has an amazing numbing process so you don’t feel a thing, which is 80% of why people don’t get lip filler - the fear of pain. Dr. Chelsea A. Troiano, MD also used Restylane Kysse as the brand of filler for the first time on Lindsey and she loved the results. This is the first time Lindsey has left without bruising and an immense amount of swelling. Keep in mind that everyone will react differently to filler, but this was a pleasant surprise. The best part of all, Lindsey’s lips are now naturally enhanced and ready for her “hot girl summer.” If lip injections aren’t your thing, Dash Medical Spa still has something to meet your self-care needs. From facials, to laser treatments, and the newest arrival of their CoolSculpting Machine, you will embrace the summer having a new-found sense of confidence.

Dash Medical Spa

638 E Atlantic Ave, Delray Beach, FL 33483

(561) 409-5959



After leaving Dash Medical Spa, you will certainly want a “hot girl summer outfit,” one that exemplifies that newfound sense of confidence before you go on vacation or hit the town for the night. If you’re not ready for mini dresses and high heels, we are with you, find something that embraces your style with poise and attitude. We like to look at our favorite celebrities and style inspirations and take a page out of their book. This summer we’re continuing the neutral, brown, and white color tones. It’s all about wearing what you want and feeling comfortable in it. Having a “hot girl summer” is not about being someone you’re not, remember that.

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As much as a “hot girl summer” is about being yourself, it’s also about embracing something new and that something new for us is