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Lindsey + Nathan's Wedding Recap, One Year Later

It's been a whole year since our wedding day, and I'm finally sitting down to recap it all—better late than never, right? Funny how a one-year anniversary can nudge you into finishing that long-overdue blog post you've been meaning to write. As I revisit the memories of that special day, I find myself overwhelmed with joy and gratitude, despite the unexpected twist of our wedding planner from Piper & Sloan Weddings (now Jen Harrison Weddings) deciding to quit on us the day of the wedding—yes, you read that correctly, and I promise to dive into that saga shortly. It’s worth sticking around for or at least scrolling down for. 

Before we even reached the venue, it felt like the universe was conspiring against us. From weather woes to transportation mishaps, throw in a six-month-old baby and a bride on the brink of losing her cool, and you've got yourself a recipe for chaos. Oh, and did I mention our wedding planner quitting the night before? Yeah, we'll definitely circle back to that bombshell. Reflecting on it now, I'm still amazed at how I managed to keep my composure and navigate through the storm. I actually know it was because of Nathan he has an alarmingly calm demeanor about him which reflects on to me in the best way possible. I suppose when you're fueled by love and determination, anything is possible. Nathan and I share a real love story that we had to fight for. So, amidst the chaos, we held onto each other and the promise of a beautiful day ahead. Having our nearest and dearest fly out to Austin to celebrate with us meant the world. Their presence was a constant reminder of the love and support surrounding us, especially as I look back on it now, a year later. We're truly blessed to have such incredible family and friends. From the breathtaking venue to the impeccable vendors, every detail seamlessly came together, painting a picture-perfect day that will forever be etched in my heart. So let’s get to it! 


Let’s start with our venue, Vintage Villas, the stunning venue where our magical day unfolded. We were drawn to Vintage Villas because of its picturesque views overlooking Lake Travis. With its charming and intimate ambiance, it was the ideal setting for our romantic wedding celebration, perfectly aligning with the vibe we envisioned. I have to give a special shoutout to my Banquet Coordinator, Keena Bensworth. From the moment we started working together, Keena was a dream to collaborate with. When the unexpected happened and our wedding planner called it quits, Keena seamlessly stepped in, taking charge of the on-site responsibilities that were meant to be handled by our planner. Her quick action and unwavering support were invaluable, and I'll be forever grateful for her dedication and professionalism.


Faith Elizabeth Photography beautifully captured every heartfelt moment of our wedding day. Faith isn't just a talented wedding photographer; she's become a cherished friend, accompanying us on our journey over the past year. From our engagement to maternity, newborn, and even Mother's Day photos, Faith has been there, documenting our milestones with genuine care and expertise. When it finally came time for our wedding, she seamlessly transitioned into the role of not just a photographer, but also a calming presence amidst the chaos. Throughout the day, Faith was more than just a photographer; she was our voice of reason, our guiding light. Amidst the whirlwind, she went above and beyond to support Nathan and me, ensuring that every precious moment was captured flawlessly. With her exceptional talent and meticulous attention to detail, and understanding our vibe, Faith immortalized our joy, love, and cherished memories in photographs that we'll treasure for a lifetime. We owe her a debt of gratitude for being not just our photographer, but also our confidante and friend during one of the most important days of our lives. If you’re getting married in Austin, HIRE FAITH! 


Let me tell you about our amazing DJ and Videographer from Complete Weddings and Events, who played pivotal roles in making our wedding day truly unforgettable. With a newborn baby in tow, we aimed for a seamless and stress-free wedding planning experience, and Complete Weddings and Events delivered just that.

Their user-friendly online portal made communication a breeze, allowing us to articulate our vision effortlessly. And boy, did they deliver! Our DJ, Victor, was an absolute rock star. With a shared love for the music of the 2000s, Nathan and I entrusted Victor with curating the perfect playlist—and he knocked it out of the park. His ability to gauge the crowd's energy and tailor the music accordingly kept the dance floor packed all night long, ensuring a lively and unforgettable celebration. Amidst the chaos of our wedding planner's sudden departure, our videographer, John, remained a pillar of professionalism. He navigated the situation with grace and skill, never missing a beat. John expertly captured the essence of our wedding day, blending creativity with technical prowess to craft a cinematic masterpiece. Thanks to his artistry, we can revisit the magic and emotions of our special day whenever our hearts desire. We are forever grateful to both Victor and John for their incredible talents and unwavering dedication.


Naama Navipur from Naama and Anat Bridal handmade my wedding dress. Naama isn't just a designer; she's a creative genius. Working with her was an extraordinary experience that I'll forever cherish. When I first visited her studio, I was captivated by her passion and vision. Little did I know how much that initial meeting would mean to me. As a bride with a six-month postpartum body, I had concerns about what my dress would look like. I originally chose my gown before pregnancy, but Naama seamlessly adapted her design to accommodate my changed figure. It was incredible to witness her expertise and creativity firsthand as she transformed my ideas into reality. Each fitting was a testament to her skill and dedication, and the final result was nothing short of perfection. Draped in layers of exquisite lace and adorned with delicate details, my gown made me feel like royalty on my special day. Naama's talent brought my bridal vision to life in ways I never thought possible, and I'll forever be grateful for her incredible work.


I can't praise Mabry from The Flowered Blue enough. She's not just a florist; she's a true artist. When I realized I was behind schedule in choosing a florist, Mabry seamlessly stepped in and worked her magic. I had a clear vision of a black and white, minimalistic, and timeless aesthetic, and she understood it perfectly, almost as if she could read my mind. It was incredible how she translated my thoughts into reality without me even having to articulate them. On the day of the wedding, I was completely in awe because I hadn't seen any of the florals beforehand. But I trusted Mabry implicitly, and she exceeded all expectations. Despite last-minute changes that moved our ceremony indoors, she adapted flawlessly and created a stunning masterpiece. Mabry's talent and dedication brought an extra layer of beauty to our special day, and I'll forever be grateful for her remarkable work.


I can't say enough about the incredible team at Blushd Beauty ATX who took care of our hair and makeup on our wedding day. From the moment they arrived, I knew we were in the best hands possible. Their reputation as the top hair and makeup artists in Austin preceded them, and they certainly lived up to it. Each artist sent by Blushd Beauty ATX was truly the cream of the crop, and their talent was evident in every brushstroke and curl. What truly sets them apart, though, is their unwavering professionalism and kindness. When faced with a sudden change in plans due to my wedding planner quitting, the team from Blushd Beauty ATX remained calm and stepped up to the plate without hesitation. Their ability to adapt and support us during a stressful moment was a testament to their dedication and expertise. Blushd Beauty ATX played a pivotal role in making our wedding day truly special, and I'll forever be grateful for their exceptional talent and genuine kindness.


As I reflect on our wedding day, there's one person who stands out in our hearts and memories—the one who made our ceremony not just special, but deeply meaningful. Chris Mills, our dear friend and Officiant, played a pivotal role in our journey to forever. Long before the rings were even on our fingers, we knew we wanted Chris to be an integral part of our big day. Him and his wife, Ashley's unwavering support and genuine friendship have been constants in our lives, so it felt only natural to ask him to officiate. Chris's commitment to making our ceremony unforgettable was evident from the start. Despite it being his first time stepping into the role of Officiant, he approached the task with dedication and sincerity. He didn't just officiate; he invested himself fully, even obtaining certification solely for our wedding. That gesture alone spoke volumes about the depth of his friendship and the importance he placed on this moment in our lives. On our wedding day, Chris exceeded every expectation. His words were like poetry, weaving together our love story with grace and eloquence. But more than that, he brought a sense of calm and reassurance that washed over us, grounding us in the significance of the commitment we were making. As we exchanged vows and rings, surrounded by our loved ones, Chris's presence was a beacon of love and support. He guided us through the ceremony with such poise and warmth, it felt as though we were being ushered into this new chapter of our lives by an old friend. Chris, you were not just our Officiant; you were our rock, our confidant, and our guiding light on one of the most important days of our lives. We are forever grateful for your friendship, your unwavering support, and the beautiful memories you helped create on our wedding day. Thank you for being the heart and soul of our ceremony, and for blessing us with your presence and love.


I can't help but smile when I think about the incredible addition of Alamo Photo Booth. They truly brought an extra spark of joy to our celebration. From the moment they set up, our guests were drawn to the photobooth, eager to capture silly moments and create lasting memories. The props were a hit, sparking laughter and creativity as everyone posed for photos. The prints were of exceptional quality, ensuring that each guest left with a cherished memento from the festivities. Alamo Photo Booth's professional and friendly staff made the experience seamless, adding to the overall enjoyment of the evening. Their presence was more than just entertainment; it was a highlight of our wedding day, creating moments that we'll treasure forever. We're grateful to Alamo Photo Booth for helping to make our celebration truly unforgettable.


At first, some found it a little strange when I mentioned having a Typewriter Poet from EPIC Entertainment at our wedding, but those remarks were then followed by, “this is so Lindsey.” It turned out to be one of the most memorable and cherished elements of our celebration. As many of you know, my love for English Literature runs deep, having studied it in college. So, having someone craft personalized love poems for our guests was a non-negotiable for me. It brought a touch of literary charm and individuality to our special day. It was a unique and unforgettable experience that added a layer of creativity and warmth to our wedding, and I'm so grateful to EPIC Entertainment for helping to make it happen.


Our wedding day was made even sweeter, thanks to Ksenia Bitter from Lilac Sugar Cakes. Her talent for crafting stunning wedding cakes left our guests in awe. Not only was her creation visually striking with its intricate details and flawless craftsmanship, but it was also incredibly delicious. From the first bite to the last, every slice was a testament to her skill and dedication to her craft. Ksenia's cake not only served as a delicious centerpiece but also as a sweet symbol of our love and commitment to each other. We're so grateful to have had her be a part of our special day, adding a touch of sweetness that we'll always remember.


Amidst the whirlwind of wedding planning, the guest book was nearly overlooked until inspiration struck at Brian Kelly and Sean Koski's wedding. There, we encountered After the Tone, a service that transformed our guest book experience into something truly extraordinary. Instead of traditional signatures, After the Tone offered our guests the chance to leave heartfelt voice messages, resulting in a keepsake that's both personal and interactive. It's a treasure trove of memories we'll cherish for years to come, thanks to this innovative touch that made our wedding day even more memorable.


Let’s address the elephant in the room—my wedding planner quitting the night before my big day. It’s a story worth sharing, not to dwell on the negative, but to caution other brides-to-be. Reflecting on this experience is still painful, but I feel compelled to share it to shed light on the importance of choosing the right planner. Jen Harrison from Piper and Sloan Weddings, now Jen Harrison Weddings, (@heyjenharrison) quit on my wedding day. Yes, you read that correctly. Throughout the planning process, I aimed to be a relaxed, chill bride, so I could focus solely on my new baby, which was all communicated to Jen and her team so I trusted them implicitly. They were professional and attentive initially, which made the sudden chaos all the more surprising.

Originally, Sloan was supposed to be my planner, but due to unforeseen circumstances, Sydney stepped in. However, it quickly became apparent that Sydney was inexperienced. Despite this, I remained optimistic, wanting to enjoy the lead-up to my wedding and not stress about things that weren’t a problem…yet. 

The rehearsal was disorganized, with Sydney visibly overwhelmed. She arrived disheveled, didn’t have the correct order for the wedding party, the music was wrong, she couldn’t command the room, and all she had was a tiny notebook. Despite all of that, I let it roll off my shoulders because I refused to be anything but a chill bride! Later that evening, Jen messaged my fiancé and me, claiming Sydney felt "unsafe” because of my friends simply asked her to “speak up” because she was unable to command the room. She claimed this, in a room filled with loved ones, including babies, parents, and grandparents which was perplexing. Jen's subsequent lack of accountability, unprofessional behavior, and a slew of text messages left me in tears on what should have been a peaceful night spent applying my XO8 face and eye masks and enjoying the night before my wedding with my fiance and baby. 

The next morning, amidst preparations, Jen finally got back to me at 11:30 AM - right as I started getting my hair and makeup done to let me know that I no longer had a wedding planner. Writing this and reliving this moment even after a full year has passed still burns. My poor mom still can’t talk about it without getting heated. Mom and Dad, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering efforts in gracefully handling every unexpected twist and turn of that day, all while keeping me calm. Despite the limited control you had, you tackled it all with apparent ease and skill. The moments seen here were not easy.

When it was time to leave for the venue the party busses were nowhere in sight. We later found out that "someone" called the transportation company and told them to come an hour later which resulted in the transportation of our guests being an hour late and our ceremony starting an hour late. Thankfully, my dear friends Brian Kelly and Sean Koski from Ticket2Events stepped in, ensuring our day was a success. I didn’t want them to have to work the day of my wedding but when I told them my wedding planner quit on me, they sprung into action. I will never forget the feeling of relief that came over me once I knew our wedding was in their hands. They took over and executed everything and more. They had our best interest at heart and I will never be able to fully thank them for saving the day. Faith from Faith Elizabeth Photography also deserves recognition for her unwavering support and exceptional work. Thanks to their efforts, our day was saved, and we were able to enjoy a beautiful wedding despite the challenges. Faith, we love you so much. 

While this incident overshadowed the start of our wedding day, I'm grateful for the lessons learned and the unwavering support of loved ones and professionals who truly cared. When it was all said and done, we left every review imaginable for Jen Harrison, and the back-sided with us after we presented receipts, screenshots, and email evidence which resulted in us getting our money back. We are beyond thankful for our friends and family who stepped up in every way, even if it was just to calm me down or hand me a glass of champagne as I took blow after blow. The moments captured in our suite getting ready only show just how amazing my friends and family are. Nathan was also a calming force which was a huge reminder (as if I needed one) of why I was marrying him. Our wedding was a reminder that sometimes, the universe has a way of intervening for the better. I’m a firm believer that had this not happened, something catastrophically wrong would have happened and Sydney and Jen quitting prevented that. That’s my silver lining and I’m sticking to it. 

So, if you got through all of that, thank you for reading about one of the craziest things that has ever happened to me. Honestly, it was wild. But, it’s time to move on and enjoy our first year of being married and the beautiful family and life we have created together. Nathan and I have quite a love story and never miss an opportunity to appreciate how far we have come together. 

Girls, where do I even begin? From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank each and every one of you for being the incredible friends that you are. Throughout this journey, you've been my constants, my pillars of strength, and my source of endless laughter and joy.

It hasn't always been easy being my friend, I know that. There have been moments when you've had to take my back, stand up for me, and navigate through the rough patches with me. And for that, I am endlessly grateful. Your unwavering support and unconditional love make me emotional every time I think about it, and I hope you know that the feeling is mutual. Thank you for keeping me grounded when I needed it the most, for putting things into perspective with your wise words and caring hearts. Thank you for being the ones who can make me laugh until my stomach hurts, and for knowing me better than I know myself sometimes. I cherish each and every one of our friendships and relationships. You all hold a special place in my heart, and I am blessed to have you in my life. Here's to many more years of adventures, laughter, and unforgettable memories together. I love you all more than words can express.

I’m so excited about my new family. Maggie, my mother-in-law, Daniel, my brother-in-law, Rachel, my sister-in-law, and of course, our adorable nephew Albie – they all played such a pivotal role in our day. Maggie's presence at our wedding meant the world to me. Despite facing unimaginable loss just four months prior, she showed incredible strength, grace, and resilience. Her bravery in attending our festivities, coupled with her warm and welcoming demeanor, spoke volumes about the kind of person she is. I consider myself incredibly lucky to have her as my mother-in-law, not just because she's fun and cool, but because she has a heart of gold. Daniel's best man speech was a highlight of the weekend, and rightly so. His wit and humor had everyone laughing, but it was the heartfelt moments woven throughout that truly touched our hearts. His speech was a beautiful reflection of the bond him and Nathan share. As an only child, I've always wanted a sister, and Rachel has filled that void in the most wonderful way. Getting to know her and raising our boys together, who are just 18 days apart, has been such an amazing experience. Our shared journey into motherhood has brought us even closer, and I am so excited to have her as a permanent fixture in my life. To my new family, thank you for welcoming me with open arms, for your love, support, and laughter. I am truly blessed to have each and every one of you in my life, and I look forward to all the memories we'll create together in the years to come.

Mom & Dad, As I reflect on the whirlwind of emotions that was our wedding day, there's a warmth in my heart that I can't help but attribute to the two of you. You, who have been the steadfast pillars of love and support in my life for as long as I can remember. As I exchanged vows with Nathan, I couldn't help but think of the incredible example of love and commitment that the two of you have set throughout almost 40 years of marriage. Your enduring partnership has been a beacon of hope and inspiration, guiding me through the highs and lows of life and showing me what true love really means. I know I haven't always been the easiest daughter to raise. From my "Lindsey moments" to the countless curveballs I've thrown your way, you've weathered every storm by my side with grace, patience, and unwavering love. Through it all, you've been my biggest cheerleaders, my sounding boards, and my guiding lights. Your unconditional love and support have shaped me into the person I am today, and I am endlessly grateful for every sacrifice you've made, every tear you've shed, and every moment of joy we've shared together. You've taught me the true meaning of family, of resilience, and of unconditional love. As I stood beside the love of my life on our wedding day, surrounded by our closest family and friends, I couldn't help but feel overwhelmed with gratitude for the two of you. You've given me the greatest gift of all—the gift of a love that knows no bounds, and for that, I will be forever thankful.

Nathan, I love you. As I sit down to reflect on this whirlwind of a year since our wedding, I can't help but be overwhelmed with gratitude for having you by my side. This journey of marriage has been nothing short of extraordinary, and it's all because of you. You've shown me a depth of love and patience that I never knew existed. Your unwavering support and understanding have made me a better person in every way. Through the highs and lows, you've been my rock, guiding me with your steady presence and boundless love. And as for fatherhood, there are no words to express how incredibly lucky Nolan and I are to have you. You dive into fatherhood with such enthusiasm and grace, always knowing just what to do to make our little one smile. Your hands-on approach and intuitive understanding of parenting leave me in awe every day. But it's not just as a husband and father that you shine. You've effortlessly navigated us from one state to another, turning what could have been a stressful move into a seamless transition. Your dedication to our family's happiness and comfort knows no bounds, and I am endlessly grateful for your tireless efforts. This past year has thrown us its fair share of curveballs, but through it all, you've faced every challenge with grace and resilience. You are, without a doubt, my dream guy—the one I always knew I would end up with, the guy next door in college who stole my heart and became my everything. Nathan, thank you for being mine, my confidant, and my best friend. Here's to many more years of laughter, love, and adventure together. I love you more than words can say. Happy Anniversary!


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