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LLScene's 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again, time for LLScene’s Holiday Gift Guide. We’re confident the holiday spirit is going to be welcomed with open arms this year now more than ever, because…2020, so we promise not to disappoint.

You have spent more time with your families and loved ones lately, so it’s safe to say we know what they love, what they don’t love, what they need, and what they certainly don’t need. So, that is what this gift guide is all about, giving the gift that keeps on giving this holiday season because you finally know the right thing to get that person that seems to have “everything.”

Because It’s all About Convenience Right Now

Ring Light

You have had more than enough time to figure out what makes your loved ones tick this year, and we can guess that inconvenience is one of them. As we continue to adjust to this “new way of life” brand new devices and services have been created (quickly) to make our lives easier and the adjustments more efficient. So, in this new post-lockdown 2020 era, we have tech accessories and everything else in between to catch your attention, keep you organized, entertained and accessible. Let’s start with the obvious, you need a Ring Light. Whether you’re conducting Zoom meetings or hiding behind them and only turning your camera on when needed, a Ring Light is crucial in a work-from-home environment.

Hamptons Kollection Candle

Let’s talk candles because one of the most important things you need for your new work space is a candle from Hamptons Kollection. Our friends, Sean Koski and Brian Kelly from Ticket2Events started the Hamptons Kollection because of their ever growing fond memories out east - summer night bonfires, endless days in the sun, an irresistible call to the sea and the many other facets exclusively available in The Hamptons. But don’t worry Palm Beachers, they have a Palm Beach themed candle too! Each of these candles will smell up your room or office in the BEST way possible. This Gift Set of 3 includes: The Palm Beach Candle, The Hamptons Candle, and holiday limited edition candle The Holiday Itters Candle. Not only does the Hamptons Kollection sell candles, but they also sell adorable (comfy) merchandise. We can’t get enough of this new company, and in true fashion, Sean Koski and Brian Kelly know exactly what they’re doing, so rest assured that these candles and clothing will be the perfect gift for you or someone else this season.

Robo 360 Gimble Rotation Device

Well, this is one of our favorite devices of the season because it has personally changed our lives in the best way possible. When it comes to having a blog or being an “influencer,” or just wanting to capture special moments in your life, having a reliable device is important. The Robo 360 Gimble Rotation Device Perfect for live vlogging, video recording with Sport Inception Mode Face Object Tracking Motion Time-Lapse. Face tracking mode can automatically recognize your face, wherever you go, it follows. Put your poses at will, and start taking pictures or videos automatically. There is also a two-person shooting mode, which allows you to freeze intimate moments. The 360 ° Infinite Rotation: Horizontal orbit rotation, no dead angle to follow automatically. Built-in innovative algorithm, real-time target tracking shooting function, chase the displacement of objects and automatically capture interesting pictures. Face tracking & intelligent shooting: Phone Rotates 360° to follow you and keep you centered in the frame when shooting video or taking pictures, Take selfies and no longer ask for help. It is perfect for Vlogging, Live Video, Family Vacation etc...

Faux-Fur Adjustable Lapdesk, Unicorn Fur/White

We were all kind of thrown into this ‘work from home’ life and working from your couch, bed or table can’t be easy. If you were recently introduced into this atmosphere and haven't have a chance to establish your home desk yet, this is the purchase for you. The Faux-Fur Adjustable Lapdesk is perfect for working, watching shows in bed or doing homework on the sofa, the Faux-Fur Adjustable Lapdesk makes is a cozy addition to your chill space. ​These lapdesks are offered in ultrasoft Unicorn and Leopard faux-fur with leightweight MDF (medium density fiberboard) and filled with comfy 100% polystyrene beads. Leopard faux-fur is a made from a blend of acrylic, modacrylic and polyester. Unicorn fuax-fur is made from 100% polyester​ ​Features three compartments for storage with an adjustable-height stand that locks in place.

TAO Clean Sonic Makeup Brush Cleaner – Black – Makeup Brush Cleaner with Sonic Technology

If 2020 has taught us anything it’s that sanitization is everything. We have been BIG believers f cleaning and sanitizing our makeup brushes regularly for years now, but now it’s more important than ever, so the TAO Clean Sonic Makeup Brush Cleaner Makeup Brush Cleaner with Sonic Technology is a must on your holiday list this year, Why spend so much time and money on your skincare routine only to have it become useless because of the makeup brushes you use, no beuno. There are so many benefits of the TAO Clean Sonic Makeup Brush Cleaner Makeup Brush Cleaner with Sonic Technology. Needless to say, this is at the TOP of our personal gift lists this year.

  • MAKEUP BRUSH CLEANER: Clean as many as 6 makeup brushes in just 2 minutes with the TAO Clean Makeup Brush Cleaner. The sleek design uses sonic technology to remove dirt, oil, and grime from brushes without damaging or drying out the bristles.

  • QUICK AND EASY: Fill the base with 1.5 cups of warm water and 1 included soap pod, allowing it to dissolve. Load up to 6 makeup brushes into the ports of the handle and place into the base with the bristles down. Then press the power button to begin!

  • POWER SETTINGS: the TAO Clean Makeup Brush Cleaner can also be used to Power Rinse and Power Dry brushes. Plus, this makeup brush cleaner is free of fragrance, dyes, phosphates, and chlorine and has a cruelty-free/vegan soap solution that won’t dry out brushes.

  • COMPATABILITY: The TAO Clean Sonic Makeup Brush Cleaner accommodates makeup brushes that range from 5-18mm in diameter, and from 4-9 inches in length. Each box includes a Sonic Makeup Brush Cleaner, 6 multi-use cleaner soap pods, power adapter, and cable.

  • BRAND YOU CAN TRUST: Our philosophy is clean and simple – literally. At TAO Clean, we believe every object we create must deliver a wonderful user experience from start to finish. Each product is built to live up to high cleanliness standards.

Phunkees UV Light Sterilizer Box

Stay clean at home and make sure that all of the devices and products you use the most are sanitized to their fullest potential. Insert Phunkees UV Light Sterilizer. Did you know that a a cell phone has 18x more bacteria than a public restroom? Gross. This UV Light Sterilizer has so many benefits to keep you and your loved ones safe, along with all of the devices you use on a regular basis.

  • Sterilizes and Sanitizes surfaces to kill many types of bacteria and microorganisms

  • Odor free – Chemical free – No harmful residue – Silent operation

  • Anti-tilt shutoff if device is turned upward – Built-in timer shut-off to save battery life

  • Safe on baby toys, keyboards, utensils, personal hygiene products, shoes, bedding, countertops

Purchase Here:

Who Doesn’t Love Jewelry?

House of Jewels, Miami

If this year has taught us anything it’s that there’s no time to sit around doing something you don’t love doing, and that is especially true when it comes to your work life and pursuing new business ventures. While we’re on the topic of jewelry, we have to mention one of our favorite new brands, House of Jewels, a Miami-based modern gold jewelry house led by designer Jianni Acosta. Designer, Jianni Acosta is on a mission to motivate and empower aspiring entrepreneurs, with gold pieces that accentuate their lifestyle while pursuing their business ideas. Hence these amazing LLScene branded cuff bracelets she made us. Acosta’s DREAM Collection features cuff bracelets with statements such as, “Dream. Believe. Achieve,” and “Make Boss Moves” to remind individuals to take action toward their goals and look good doing it! When it comes to jewelry, we’re prone to go the minimalistic route, which means we love layering dainty pieces every chance we get, and the official launch of House of Jewels Dream Collection does just that. The DREAM Collection also features 8K gold plated over stainless steel necklaces that are tarnish-free and hypoallergenic. We haven’t even gotten to the best part! House of Jewels launched the DREAM Collection with a Grant Program in mind. Acosta’s career path inspired her to switch from a corporate job to launching House of Jewels Miami. Now, she hopes to inspire others to do the same by helping to fund their start-up with 30% of proceeds from the newly launched DREAM Collection’ sales. The grant program is officially open. Individuals can apply for a chance to win 30% of the proceeds from sales pertaining to the Dream Collection by visiting the grant page below. When filling out the application, applicants are encouraged to submit a video. In the video, participants will share how the grant will help them achieve their goals. Winners are selected quarterly. The next winner will be announced in October. So when shopping for your loved one this holiday season, keep House of Jewels in mind because not only do they have pieces that anyone in your life will enjoy, you will also be giving back with every sale while inspiring someone special in your life to pursue their dreams.

Purchase Here for Cuff Bracelets for $40:

Purchase Here for 8K Gold Plated Over Stainless Steel Necklace for $45:

Little Miss Sass

You may have seen us post about Little Miss Sass lately because we can’t get enough of their customized bracelets, and we aren’t alone. Owner, Melissa Casanueva took quarantine into her own hands and started a business that would be lucrative and bring a smile to people’s faces. These aren’t your everyday beads, Melissa outsources the beads from one of the best vendors in the industry and hand-makes each customized bracelet with love. This is definitely a no-brainer when it comes to your holiday gift list this year. Melissa made us a personalized LLScene bracelet and we have already placed 4 orders for our family and friends as Christmas gifts this year, and plan on placing even more. Whether you want to honor your favorite sports team, be “cool mom” by rocking your kids’ names on your wrist, or need an inspirational quote, Little Miss Sass can do it all. Follow the account on Instagram and DM Melissa for orders: @little_miss_sass

Because we could all use a little Beauty & Skincare…

XO8 Skin:

You didn’t think we would do an entire Holiday Gift Guide article without mentioning beauty products, did you? Per usual, we’ll start with what we know, what we trust, and what we know our fellow beauty/skincare lovers will want this holiday season and that is anything from XO8 Skin. This brand saved our skin during quarantine and if you don’t believe us, check out this article, Quarantine Beauty Tips to Stay Glam While Staying at Home.

To be quite honest, we wouldn’t be able to live without XO8 Skin’s Serum and we’re confident the skincare lover on your holiday list can’t either. XO8 Skin’s entire product line was amazing before a global pandemic, but insert wearing medical masks every day on top of makeup and you have yourself a full-on mask-ne breakout that XO8 Skin can help and/or prevent.

*Use promo code LLSCENE for 15% OFF any of XO8 Skin’s products at checkout. Limited one per-use.

Purchase XO8 Skin’s Product Line Here:

Flawless Skincare:

If you follow us on Instagram @LLScene, you know that we will only trust certain people to work on our skin and one of those people is Gina Zimmerman of Flawless Skincare. If you’re looking for an Esthetician you can trust and do what is best for your skin, Gina Zimmerman from Flawless Skincare is what you’re looking for. Gina genuinely cares about the best practices for your skin and will recommend treatment protocols and products that serve you best. You can’t go wrong.

Flawless Skincare

Watch Lilly receive a Microneedling Treatment at Flawless Skincare here!

d’lux Aesthetics

If you’re looking to go down the Cosmetic Filler or Botox route, Danielle White, MSN, FPN-C from d’lux Aesthetics is a no brainer. Just click here to watch a full video of her doing Lindsey’s Botox to understand you can trust her with anything injectable you’re looking to get for yourself or as a gift this holiday season. Because after everything we have endured in 2020, we could all use a little lift here and there.

Watch Lindsey get Botox Here:

After investing in your XO8 Skin gifts, you’re going to want to surprise your loved one with skincare treatments that will prolong results and keep the skin glowing all year long, so gift cards ALWAYS work. Flawless Skincare and d’lux Aesthetics are both offering gift cards this holiday season, so contact them directly for more information.

d’lux Aesthetics

Philip B

It’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas, and that statement is oh so true thanks to the Hair & Scalp Expert Philip B. We couldn’t have received these products at a better time because this is just what our hair needs this time of year with all of the events and over-styling we have been doing to our hair. Let’s start with Nordic Wood Hair + Body Shampoo: An Intoxicating all over cleanser offering gentle yet deep clean leaving hair and skin irresistibly soft and touchable. It’s a refreshing one-step cleanser that tones and hydrates, creating a cooling effect on contact with ingredients that include pure 6% herbaceous blend of Norwegian Spruce, Balsam Fir, White Pine, Cedar Oil and Camphor invigorates, while soothing with Oat Extracts, Wheat Amino Acids and Aloe. Another great product from this line is the Peppermint Avocado Scalp Scrub: Sulfate free lathering wonder that gently polishes and detoxifies the scalp removing oil dirt and product buildup and impurities. You never realize how badly your scalp needs exfoliating until you exfoliate it. This product’s sea salt exfoliates and dissolves into the scalp lifting product buildup, dead cells from the scalp and hair. The ingredients includes a potent blend botanical oils, such as invigorating Peppermint and Eucalyptus awaken and energize the scalp, Witch Hazel Water, Arnica Flower Extract and Aloe Leaf Juice help to keep calm and carry on. This is one of our favorites. Lastly, the Peppermint Avocado Shampoo is everything you could dream of and more as a clarifying treatment shampoo that boosts and invigorates to stimulate circulation and treat a troubled and irritated scalp. The ingredients for this powerhouse shampoo include: a generous dose of pure, crisp Peppermint oil (2.3%) and 16 plant extracts create a tingly-cooling sensation, Jojoba, Olive, Sesame and Sweet Almond join Avocado to condition, soften and nourish hair, Nettle leaf, rich in silica and sulphur leaves hair supple, shiny and healthier while invigorating the scalp and senses with a superior clean that does not strip hair. We love this product line as a holiday gift but also as something that will keep our shower experience holiday-scented long after Christmas. Your hair and scalp with thank you for this one. Treat yourself!

Lola’s Lashes:

After a long year of not seeing anyone and not having to wear makeup, it’s time for glam, and Lola’s Lashes can make that happen easily and naturally. With all of the socially distant holiday parties and events you have planned for the 2020 holiday season, you’re going to want to step up your game a bit because it’s time to make your debut! We have been through our fair share of lash extensions and fake lashes and nothing compares to Lola’s Lashes.

We've tried them and we are in LOVE. They have magnetic lashes and the revolutionary flick and stick that can be used with other false lashes or their strip lashes for the easiest application! We aren’t the best at applying lashes and can vogue that Lola’s Lashes make it so easy and so fun to wear these lashes.

Bluemercury m-61 Powerful Skincare:

Bluemercury Co-Founder & CEO, Marla Beck, set out to create a streamlined, benefit-driven skincare collection that combined advanced actives, dermatologist-loved ingredients, and high-performance naturals. The result was M-61. This gluten-free and vegan-friendly skincare collection is formulated with the highest quality ingredients so clients can feel good about what they're putting on their skin. All products must pass an extensive ingredient screening and are free from parabens, sulfates, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, and dyes. The m-61 Swipe, Go, and Glow Skincare set is everything need in one kit for the skincare enthusiast out there.

Purchase the Swipe, Go, and Glow Here:

What more does your skin need right now but hydration and m-61’s Ultimate Hand and Body Hydration Kit is a true life-changer, especially these days when our skin is so dry from constantly sanitizing. This ultra-mourishing set includes body butter and hand cream that is packed with peptides, vitamin B5, coconut oil, and aloe to lock in moisture from head to toe.

This set includes:

  • Hydraboost Body Butter (200 mL/6.7 FL. OZ.)

  • Hydraboost Hand Cream (75 mL/2.5 FL. OZ.)

Purchase m-61’s Ultimate Hand and Body Hydration Kit Here:

Bluemercury Delray Beach

445 E Atlantic Ave, Delray Beach, FL 33483

Bluemercury Lune+Aster Swipe and Celebrate Lip Gloss Set:

Bluemercury Co-Founder & CEO, Marla Beck, created Lune+Aster for the time-starved, do-it-all woman seeking straightforward makeup solutions. Formulated without parabens, phthalates, or sulfates, this skin-loving, vegan-friendly, and vitamin-infused makeup line doesn’t make clients choose between what works and what’s good for them. Get out the door fast with this minimal effort, maximum impact makeup. This limited time Lune + Aster Swipe and Celebrate Lip Gloss Set is the perfect holiday gift guide stocking stuffers this year and filled with a vitamin C+E lip gloss set featuring five best-selling gloss shades.Nourish and soothe lips while adding a pop of color and shine!

Bluemercury Delray Beach

445 E Atlantic Ave, Delray Beach, FL 33483

Bluemercury Lune+Aster Revive in Five Set

Who wouldn't want to revive their entire face with five sheet masks? Lune + Aster's Sheet Mask Set can do just that. This limited edition, nutrient-rich sheet mask set includes five individually wrapped Rescue Masks for all of your skincare needs! Revive skin in 5-10 minutes with these deeply hydrating, soothing, detoxifying, firming and ultra-nourishing nutrient-rich Rescue Masks for a renewed, healthy-looking complexion. Masks are made of premium coconut fibers that hug the curves of the face for superior absorption and deliver results you can see and feel fast.

Set includes five individually wrapped Rescue Masks:






Bluemercury Delray Beach

445 E Atlantic Ave, Delray Beach, FL 33483


With all these new skin care products you’re going to need a reliable and affordable device to ensure the results last on your skin and that is where the MYSKINBUDDY™ device comes in. This is a device we really can’t live without and once you and your loved ones get ahold of it, they won't be able to either. What is so great about the MYSKINBUDDY™ Device? This wide-ranging device does it all and has four proven technologies to help your skin achieve a clearer complexion, brighter, and even skin tone, and even a more youthful appearance. We have seen this happen right before our very eyes. It’s one device with many benefits:

  1. Enhance product penetration.

  2. Reduce redness and inflammation.

  3. Stimulate collagen renewal and skin rejuvenation.

  4. Deeply cleanse and gently exfoliate dead skin cells.

  5. Reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and pores.

  6. Kills P. acnes bacteria that leads to acne formation

It’s everything you need after using all of the amazing skin care products we just recommended.

*Use promo code LLSCENE for 15% OFF any of your MYSKINBUDDY device at checkout. Limited one per-use.

FLEKK Cosmetics

Are we the only ones out there constantly looking for a GOOD makeup brush set? Well, look no further than FLEKK Cosmetics because we found it. FLEKK Cosmetics is offering an all-in-one holiday gift set called the FLEKK Essentials Holiday Bundle, which includes the… FLEKK Eyeshadow Palette and Brush Set, QUICKK Contour Pallette and Brush Set, and Liquid Liner Definer. FLEKK Cosmetics allows women of all ages to apply makeup easily with simple instruction, the essential tools, and high-quality palettes & brush sets. Bouffard had been doing celeb makeup for red carpet events for ten years before launching FLEKK. She wanted to create a product that would work every day, for all women. One of our goals during lockdown was to learn how to do our makeup like the pros, and FLEKK Cosmetics does all that work for you by telling you where to apply eye shadow on your eyes and where to apply the colors on your face when you contour with instructions right on the pallet boxes. Whether you’re buying this for someone else or for yourself, it will be the gift that keeps on giving all year long.

Bossie Beauty

As much as we love to praise ourselves about our expertise in beauty, skincare, and haircare there’s one thing that has always been a challenge for us, curling our hair with a curling iron. We even talk about it in our first tutorial with Bossie Beauty, here. I know it sounds silly, but we have tried to learn this technique so many times and it always ends up looking like a hot mess, so we have always resulted to using a wand instead. We still love our wands, but if you’re looking for less of a beach wave and more of a romantic “blowout looking” curl, using your Bossie Flat Iron to curl your hair is the way to go. How did we come to “master” this technique you ask? We’re embarrassed to say, but...TikTok. Say what you will about TikTok but if you’re on Facebook and Instagram all day like us for your clients and career, TikTok is the perfect escape from it all. With that, we’ve been introduced to an array of tips and tricks when it comes to doing our hair and makeup and this is how we learned a new way to master curling our hair with a flat iron.

You can watch the entire tutorial on our new YouTube channel, here, but it’s fairly simple to master on your own.

We love using our Bossie Beauty flat iron for this technique because it’s less direct heat on our hair and our hair glides easily down the flap when we curl. Use promo code; BOSSLLSCENE at checkout for 10% off. Click on the link below to purchase! You will become as obsessed as we are with this product. CLICK HERE to purchase yours today, you’ll love it!

Eminence Organic Skincare Rosehip Triple C+E Firming Oil and Citrus & Kale C+E Serum:

Are you like us where your skin has recently gone through the second round of puberty? We know we’re not alone in this, which is why Eminence Organic Skincare is on it. As we know, your skin ages with you, and who has the time or money to try everything under the sun to maintain healthy skin, which is why we’re only featuring the best skincare products we have had the opportunity to sample ourselves throughout the year. Goodbye breakouts! “The combination of the Rosehip Triple C+E Firming Oil and Citrus & Kale C+E Serum work in tandem to address the concerns of combination skin, however, no matter the skin types, the featured ingredients in both bottles deliver vitamin-rich nourishment to the skin,” says Brian Goodwin, Eminence's International Trainer. Together, these products address a range of skin concerns from, uneven complexion, fine lines & wrinkles, hydration to acne. Eliminating the complexity of what it means to effectively layer skincare. But most importantly, embracing a mature approach to aging beautifully.

EMMA Beauty Limited Edition Candy Cane Crush Set

Looking for a gift set for the nail enthusiast in your life? Look no further than EMMA Beauty Limited Edition Candy Cane Crush Gift Set, which includes the Candy Cane Crush V.S.N.P, Candy Cane Drench Cuticle Oil, Candy Cane Luxe Hand & Body Lotion, and a Glitter Foam Nail File. EMMA Beauty nail polish is uniquely formulated with nail nourishing ingredients: retinol, biotin, keratin, and vitamin E. All EMMA Beauty products are vegan, cruelty-free, and 12+-free. We have heard amazing things about this company and their products and can’t wait to try it out ourselves. Who wouldn’t want something like this during the holiday season? Pair your bright red nails with bright red natural lip gloss by Triolgy Rosehip Red Set Trilogy's limited edition Rosehip Red Set is the perfect all-in-one value gift, stocking filler and handbag essential, with Certified Organic Rosehip Oil Roller and NEW limited edition, vegan-friendly Trilogy Red Lip Gloss.

For the Health & Wellness Enthusiast


‘Tis the season for Peloton and if you haven’t already pulled the trigger and purchased one during the lockdown, now is the time. We can say with confidence that this is going to be one of the most popular gifts this season and we encourage you to get on it quickly because their shipping times are backed up because of the Peloton craze. Lindsey purchased one right before lockdown and can say it has seriously saved her life - especially as someone who has been coined, “spinning obsessed.” The classes are taught by the best of the best in the industry and go by VERY quickly. If you’re looking for THE gift of the season, look no further than Peloton.

Hyperice Hypervolt Percussion Massage Device

This device is essential for anyone on your holiday list that is an athlete, fitness junkie, or anyone who is really into working out. We recently tried out the Hypervolt Percussion Massage Device after a hard workout thinking we would be sore the next day, but much to our surprise we weren’t! The Hypervolt Percussion Massage Device is a game-changer with changing head attachments while adjusting speed and customizing the complete massage experience. This device was built to create an at-home massage experience for you to simply MOVE BETTER. So what exactly does it do? The Hypervolt Percussion Massage Device helps relieve muscle soreness and stiffness for every part of your body, improves range of motion, promotes circulation, and improves warmup and recovery. We can PROMISE the fitness enthusiast in your life needs this device.

Veritas Farms:

What is everyone talking about these days? CBD! So, give the gift of CBD this year and you know we love Veritas Farms! They’re launching a limited holiday edition four-pack of full-spectrum and CBD oil tinctures, which is what everyone is looking for right now. The exclusive bundle includes four tasty, seasonal flavors: Cranberry Orange, Clementine Spice, Sugar Plum, and Cinnamon Roll – our favorite is the Cinnamon Roll! YUM!

Purchase Here: 4 of the tinctures are $49.99 and make the perfect gift for anyone on your list!


Yes, this wouldn’t be an LLScene Gift Guide fitness section without mentioning Savvi. You know it’s our newest obsession that isn’t going anywhere, so consider this the fitness and comfort section of this Holiday Gift Guide because that’s exactly what you’re getting with Savvi. Cancel your Fabletics membership and finally stop overpaying for Lululemon this holiday season and start buying Savvi for the fitness/athleisure junkies in your life.

Not only does Savvi have styles you can’t find anywhere, but they’re also made for REAL women with sizes ranging from XXS-2XL. We’re confident you’ll get a happy screech the second she sees a Savvi tag on her gift this year.

Remember when we mentioned how House of Jewels wants to inspire individuals to pursue their dreams, well let Savvi do just that for the special person in your life. We are all looking for additional sources of income these days and Savvi came into our lives at the perfect time. Being that it’s still in pre-launch, now is the time to get involved because it’s changing the name of the game for women looking for a little more in life, “their own thing,” if you will. If you’re like 99% of the people we know, you’re already waking up every day, getting dressed, and putting on athleisure-wear - why not put it on and sell it at the same time? It’s your own online boutique you can access from your own personal app and website. Partnering with Savvi, you will have access to a website to track your sales, your own unique shopping App, and all the marketing and sales tools you need to share Savvi with friends, new and old.

Contact us directly for more information about how you or someone you know can get involved with Savvi today!

Why Savvi?

Libby’s In the Mood Supplement

We’ve covered our favorite clothes and devices for fitness, but haven’t gotten into wellness yet! As we get a little “older”, we’re always loking for new ways to improve our health and immune system - especially these days. We were recently introduced to Libby’s In the Mood supplement because it was made for women by women as a supplement that helps balance mood, manage stress, promote restful sleep, and support physical bliss. Who doesn’t need/want something like that for the woman in your life? Not only do these supplements come with all of those benefits it’s also vegan, non-GMO with no artificial colors, fillers, and it’s gluten-free. We started taking these supplements a little over 2 weeks ago and can honestly see and feel a positive difference in our overall mood and energy.

Purchase Here:

YOOFORIC Hemp-Infused Products by Canafarma

(Photo Credit: Canafarma Corp)

As mentioned, you know CBD is all the rage this year and there’s definitely someone on your list that needs a little CBD in their life. Another company we have become to know and love is YOOFORIC Hemp-Infused Products by Canafarma. We like this because this product line was designed with every personality in mind -- from the type A, workaholic to the gym-goer needing a pick-me-up -- and consists of gum, oil, and cream – aka everyone on your list this year.

  • YOOFORIC Hemp Oil Infused Chewing Gum – The perfect stocking stuffer, YOOFORIC Hemp Oil Infused Chewing Gum features 50mg of Hemp Oil per piece. This gum has the best absorption rate on the market at 84% and the simple act of chewing has scientifically been shown to help improve memory, cognitive function, and oral health – chewing even reduces anxiety.

    • 10-piece pack $34.95

    • 30-piece pack $64.99

  • YOOFORIC 100% Organic Hemp Oil – This full-spectrum hemp oil is available in four flavors including Lemon Citrus, Peppermint, Passion Fruit, and Chocolate Mint. Benefits are cumulative and for best results should be used consistently for 30 to 60 days.

    • $64.99 per 30ml bottle

  • YOOFORIC Hemp Oil Infused Cream – Your grandpa and your best friend alike will appreciate this gift. Created for happy joints and muscles, YOOFORIC Hemp Oil Infused Cream has a cooling menthol effect that de-stresses tired muscles and joints on contact.

    • $64.99 per 60ml jar

Who Doesn’t Need a Little Comfort?

Everlasting Comfort Luxury Faux Fur Throw Blanket

We have certainly learned to value every aspect of comfort in 2020 so we will start with the Everlasting Comfort Luxury Faux Fur Throw Blanket because it’s the only blanket you will want to turn to when it’s time to unwind from a long day for a little Netflix and Chill action on the couch. We wish you could reach through the screen and touch this blanket because the photos can barely do it justice. This ultra-soft and fluffy plush throw blanket is a perfect size (50x65) and weight for anyone in your house. Whether you’re having house guests, looking for a gift, or want to treat yourself, the Everlasting Comfort Luxury Faux Fur Throw Blanket will do the trick.

BioPEDIC Premium SofLOFT Body Pillow

You’re going to need a pillow to go with that comfortable blanket, so look no further than the BioPEDIC Premium SofLOFT 20-by-54 Inch Body Pillow. We have personally sampled these pillows and officially can’t live without them. If you don’t think you need a body pillow, think again. This BioPedic body pillow has premium hypo-allergenic polyester fiberfill that includes polyester/cotton 240 thread count softcover, which means you’re getting multi-positional support and comfort where you need it.

Seventytwo Brand

We have had Seventytwo Brand on our radar for awhile now because there is nothing we love more than stylish comfort, especially amidst a pandemic when we’re working from home and want to look cute and professional for our Zoom calls, but comfortable as well. When Donna Garzon moved to Miami from Venezuela a few years ago, she started her own clothing line, one that was truly sustainable and created to fit real people. After launching Seventytwo Brand and releasing two successful collections, she was on her way to releasing a third in 2020 when the pandemic hit. Seventytwo Brand is launching a sustainable and unique bamboo sweater on Dec. 15 as its first piece in a limited collection that challenges fashion’s concept of beauty and comfort, and we are honored to get our hands on this collection before anybody else, especially as we take advantage of this South Florida cold front!

“This is not your typical comfy sweater, or your typical collection” Donna said. “I’ve researched bodies for years, as I’ve had so many issues with body confidence and my own acceptance. It was about time for me to step up the game and remind people there’s no need to look at those perfect models on instagram when you can look at the mirror and love yourself.”

“The One,” Seventytwo’s new sweater, was created to be inclusive in all senses of the word: made of brushed bamboo with an ultra-soft fabric and cotton blend, it’s hypoallergenic, sized generously with a flattering shape, and it’s the brand’s first unisex garment. It’s the piece Seventytwo Brand was missing, and the only release the brand has had in 2020, due to COVID-19. Donna thought there might not be a way for Seventytwo to truly come back from the pandemic. She had to put her entire operation on pause in order to stay true to her values and ideals of sustainability in her fabrics and processes. When developing any product, she understands that we can’t fully do good for ourselves and our bodies, if we’re doing a disservice to the Earth.

This sweater is highly sweat absorbent, has powerful insulating properties, keeping the skin warm in winter and cool in summer. The One provides a unique transition from comfort to fashion, as its versatility gives you the opportunity to wear it as outerwear, loungewear or even pajamas. It provides UV protection and it’s antibacterial, not to mention, it’s made with one of the softest fabrics on the planet, and designed to look great on every body. Needless to say, you need to buy these tees and pullovers to really FEEL and appreciate what it has to offer, which is why it was a no brainer to feature them in the “comfort” section of our Holiday Gift Guide this year.

You can never go wrong with a Gift Card

Gift Card to Cloud 10 USA in Delray Beach:

Let’s be honest, Cloud 10 was the FIRST place we visited once South Florida’s ‘stay-at-home’ order was lifted. You can’t go wrong with a gift card, especially if it’s a gift card to Cloud 10 USA Blow Dry Bar and Beauty Salon, our absolute favorite blow dry bar in existence. Whether you’re looking for a stocking stuffer for someone who deserves a little refresher in their life or a full-on makeover, the ladies at Cloud 10 will take care of you. There is not one stylist at the location that won’t do exactly what you want and that is thanks to Founder and CEO, Jodi Dery’s intense interview process, her standards are high and it shows. You really can’t go wrong with treating someone on your list to a day at Cloud 10 this year. Stop in and pick up a gift card or call them and purchase over the phone!

Cloud 10 Blow Dry Bar and Beauty Salon

32 SE Second Ave. Delray Beach


Apricot Lane Delray Beach:

We have been long time shoppers at Apricot Lane Delray Beach, and know they have no shortage of holiday outfits or gifts for the special person on your list this year. Apricot Lane is located in the Delray Marketplace and is filled with contemporary styles that suit anyone and everyone. Seriously, you can’t go wrong at Apricot Lane. Support this local business! Contact them directly to purchase a gift card over the phone at (561) 270-2059, email their owner, Barry Shapiro at, or stop in and pick one up yourself.

Apricot Lane Delray Beach

9169 W Atlantic Ave suite 120

Delray Beach, FL 33446

(561) 270-2059

Just Jill Beauty and Wellness

Lindsey was recently introduced to Just Jill Beauty and Wellness during one of her recent trips to Austin, TX, and has officially found her official spa-home in Texas. Just Jill Beauty and Wellness has EVERYTHING and is another business you should support if you’re one of our many Austin readers. It’s quite the place, to say the least.

Can we just say that Just Jill Beauty and Wellness is more than your average spa, it’s a vibe with every service you can possibly imagine, such as...

  • Facials

  • Medical Spa Services

  • Microneedling

  • Dermaplaning

  • Medical Grade Peels

  • Less Invasive Peels

  • Brows

  • Lash Tinting

  • Hairstyling

  • Makeup Application

  • Bridal Hairstyling

  • Bridal Makeup Application

  • Permanent Makeup

  • Wellness Coaching

  • Yoga Classes

  • Virtual Classes and so much more!

Take advantage of their Black Friday Special, HERE:

Buy a Just Rejuvenate custom facial for yourself or a loved one.


Click here to purchase gift certificate. Use code FRIDAY50 at checkout.

Must be signed into your Vagaro account to purchase.

Limit 3 services per person.


Excludes Grande Lash.

Unlimited Purchases.

Purchase a Gift Certificate to Just Jill Beaty and Wellness, HERE.

Just Jill Beauty and Wellness

5555 N Lamar Blvd, Ste J111

Austin, TX 78751

(512) 788-5218

Lilac and Lilies Boutique

Another one of our favorite South Florida boutiques that deserves a little small business love this holiday season. Lilac and Lilies Boutique in Fort Lauderdale, FL recently migrated over to being a full online store in addition to their new loft as well. We have done many Instagram Lives at Lilac and Lilies and love everything about the clothes and accessories they offer. Lilac and Lilies provides on-trend, quality women's clothing and accessories at an affordable price point. We have never found an outfit we could live without after shopping at Lilac and Lilies and encourage you to support them this holiday season because they have the cutest gifts and styles. Stay tuned for more information about their Black Friday Specials, coming soon in another upcoming article.

Lilac and Lilies Loft Address

410 NW 1st Ave

Unit 506

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

(954) 530-3109

Parlor Beauty Bar

Lindsey has wasted no time getting to know the city of Austin and finding a blow dry bar she can trust is one of the most important things on her list. Parlor Beauty Bar is simply adorable and gives great blowouts! It’s definitely Lindsey’s go-to blow dry bar when she is in Austin. Voted Austin's #1 Boutique Beauty Bar. They offer blowouts in their blow dry bar, brow, makeup, lash and spray tan services. Again, if you’re one of our many readers in the Austin area, please support this business by purchasing gift cards, making appointments, and checking out one of the best blow dry bars the city of Austin has to offer.

Parlor Beauty Bar

511 Comal Street

Austin, TX 78702

(512) 770-6746

For the person who has everything...

We all have people in our lives that want things, but won’t treat themselves to those things. This is the section for you. If you’re a gift giver who is still at a loss for a last minute, yet meaningful gift read on…

Solid and Striped

Since it’s bathing suit season 99.9% of the year here in South Florida, we always recommend a gift that screams “fun in the sun.” We all need a vacation right about now, and Striped & Solid gives you that vacation feel without having to go anywhere. Lucky for you, they just opened their West Palm Beach pop-up is located in Rosemary Square and is slated to run through at least May 31st, 2021. It is a gorgeous 2,000-square-foot store that has the same bright and airy feeling as their NYC location, which we have always been obsessed with. It’s super bold and colorful and feels like a beach getaway or poolside escape, so who wouldn’t want that for the holidays? The store is now open and features new women’s resort collections of swim and apparel, classic women’s swim styles, men’s swim and apparel, Le Specs x Solid & Striped sunglasses and sun care. Customers of the pop-up will also receive a complimentary sunscreen with every store purchase. We had the opportunity to visit the store, check out the vibe, and do some holiday shopping of our own.

Solid & Striped Pop-Up Store in West Palm Beach located in Rosemary Square

Ruby Ribbon

You can never have too much fitness-wear in your life and Ruby Ribbon just launched a new sport collection that features antimicrobial, wicking fabric that keeps you cool, dry, and odor free. Ruby Ribbon caters to the modern woman, offering sizes 32-50 and XS-3XL, which makes gift-giving that much easier for all of the women in your life. Ruby Ribbon’s mission is to set out to inspire women in every way possible with confidence, comfort, and opportunity. So naturally, we are totally committed to this brand. Treat yourself to something special but also get something to match other special women in your life.

We hope our Holiday Gift Guide has given you new gift ideas for this new world we are living in this holiday season. And remember this isn’t the year to get everything you want. This is the year to appreciate everything you have.


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