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Today's the day, Oprah's interview with Harry and Meghan.

Over two years ago we were thrilled about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding; proud that an American, biracial, divorcee, and actress from Los Angeles was about to marry into THE royal family. So much so that we teamed up with local wedding businesses to film a series of episodes and posts at The Addison in Boca Raton dedicated to the Royal Wedding (seen here: and were interviewed as “Royal Wedding Experts” on WPTV (seen here: The fact that we didn’t buy plane tickets to London to be there for the wedding still surprises us.

As most Americans, we were fascinated by Harry and Meghan’s love story and the grandiose celebrations surrounded around their upcoming nuptials, naive to think anything otherwise.

Naive to think that the House of Windsor and the British media had become “modernized” and accepting of such an exciting change in history. Mostly, naive to assume that the royal family had learned their lesson after what happened to Princess Diana.

As we anticipate their interview with Oprah tonight, we’re filled with a mix of feelings. Sadness because another royal family has been torn a part and filled with sadness, yet again when it all could have been avoided. And happiness because Harry and Meghan were able to get out when they did and avoid another potential tragedy.

You’re probably asking yourselves, why do they care so much? For one, Lindsey majored in English with an emphasis in British Literature at FSU, but mostly because we applaud anyone who has the strength to take control of their lives when they’re not happy and walk away, even if that means going up against the royals. We don’t know what to expect from tonight’s interview, but we’re glad to know that Harry and Meghan went the untraditional route to prevent a tragic history from repeating itself.

Who else will be tuning in?


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