LLScene's Countdown to the Royal Wedding

LLScene's Countdown to the Royal Wedding

If you didn’t already know, you should know by now that we are kind of obsessed with all things “royal”. We won’t get into it, but...Lindsey truly believes she was Anne Boleyn in a previous life, but that is just a small reason why we’re covering the royal wedding this week. Unless you live under a rock, you can expect non-stop coverage not just from us, but from every other media outlet out there. We’ve got ourselves an American beauty marrying into the royal family!

We partnered with The Addison in Boca Raton to bring you a Countdown to the Royal Wedding- LLScene style, with royal fashion, beauty predictions and interviews with some of the best wedding professionals in South Florida. In true fashion, The Addison styled a day fit for a royal with tea, scones, pearls, flowers, and so much more.

Looking for a little pre-royal wedding insight before Saturday? We’ve got that covered for you!

Our Very Own Royal Expert

As much as we claim to be “royal experts” The Addison’s Director, Zoe Lanham puts us to complete shame with her knowledge.

LLScene's Countdown to the Royal Wedding

“Growing up in England you do get to experience royal traditions, but I do have a brother-in-law, Chef, Danny Davies of The Future Chef Project, who was a military chef and served the princes when they were younger,” says The Addison’s Director, Zoe Lanham.

Here is some of our interview with Zoe and her brother-in-law who lives in London, Chef Danny Davies. Danny literally drove all the way to Buckingham Palace to answer our questions, and we couldn't be more grateful to get his insight on what he foresees to be on the menu during the royal wedding tomorrow.

One of the reasons we have loved Harry throughout the years is because he’s been known to break the rules every now and again. Since Prince Harry isn’t required to invite Heads of State, Zoe has informed us that the couple will be swapping out celebrities and politicians for children they have met and worked with from charities all over the world.

Meghan and Harry met and bonded over their love for children and charity, so it’s no surprise that in lieu of wedding gifts, they have asked guests to make donations to their favorite charitable organizations. Rule breaker or not, Meghan will be required to partake in all of the British royal wedding traditions, one being her bouquet.

“There’s a tradition that goes back to 1840 when Queen Victoria walked down the aisle with a little sprig of myrtle, and since that day every single royal bride has carried a sprig of myrtle in their bouquet, so I can guarantee Meghan Markle will have myrtle represented in her bouquet.” -The Addison’s Director, Zoe Lanham. Florals by Daniel Events.

A British wedding day timeline is very different than an American wedding day timeline, being that all British wedding ceremonies will take place in the morning, followed by a wedding brunch directly after until the reception that night.

“A British wedding tradition will always include a hat when referring to style. Every woman in attendance this Saturday will be wearing a hat, there is no doubt about that. It’s important they also have structure and simplicity when choosing an accompanying dress to go along with that hat. The dresses for the wedding brunch will also have straps and a hem length to the knee before changing into their evening gowns for the reception that night.” -The Addison’s Director, Zoe Lanham.

Working with The Addison is always such a pleasure, but they really went above and beyond for us this week. Here is a glimpse into the event styling they did for us and our guests!

LLScene's Countdown to the Royal Wedding
LLScene's Countdown to the Royal Wedding