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Lindsey's Post-Vacay Facial at Rosenthal Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery

This is a sign to get the summer vacation out of your skin. I just got back from almost a month at the Jersey Shore (Sea Isle City), which involved a lot of time in the sun. No matter how careful I am to reapply my SPF, it’s still a lot of exposure to the sun for long periods. Needless to say, my skin needed a little TLC so I booked a for a Dermaplane + HydroFacial with my girl, Jennifer Mignano, the Medical Esthetician at Rosenthal Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery.

FYI, I have extremely sensitive skin and get abnormally red during any kind of facial treatment - this isn’t painful at all. My skin feels so rejuvenated and glowy after getting this treatment done with Jennifer. I like to call this treatment the “Post-Vacay Trifecta Facial” because the combination of Dermaplane, HydroFacial, and XO8 Cosmeceuticals’ Revitalizing Face Mask will jumpstart your skin back to life again.

Why Dermaplane?

The sun's UV rays can damage the skin, leading to sunspots, discoloration, dryness, and even premature wrinkles. Dermaplaning can help get you back to bright, healthy skin after too much sun exposure. It exfoliates your skin and eliminates the possibility of oils and dirt clinging to your dead skin cells and your peach fuzz. Your skin will feel so soft and hydrated after.

Why Sofwave HydroFacial?

After Dermaplaning your skin is exfoliated and ready to take in the ingredients. HydroFacials utilize effective serums and infusions to help nourish and protect the skin. These serums contain antioxidants, which help reduce damage from free radicals. This is especially important during the summer months when you face more sun exposure and environmental damage. Topped with Blue and Red Light Microcurrent will help penetrate the products into the skin even more to tone the skin and fight acne.

Why XO8 Skin's Revitalizing Face Mask?

This 24K gold mask is our go-to sheet mask and completes the “Post-Vacay Trifecta Facial.” The XO8 Revitalizing Face Mask has a cocktail of unique and highly active ingredients proven extremely effective in rejuvenating the skin. This face mask provides brightened skin, reactivated stem cells, minimized appearance of fine lines/wrinkles, enhanced hydration, refined skin structure, promoted skin radiance, and diminished hyperpigmentation. It’s the perfect mask to apply to your skin after it’s been exfoliated and infused with serums. Use promo code: LLSCENE at checkout for 25% off your entire order.

I hope this post has inspired you to treat yourself to a post-vacay facial. View the full video on Instagram at @LLScene_. I love Jennifer at Rosenthal Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery. She is so knowledgeable and does what is truly right for your skin, book an appointment with her HERE and let her know Lindsey sent you.

Rosenthal Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery

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