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#OnTheScene: WMC Week

A beach party is our kind of party, and we aren’t wasting any time when it comes to bikini season this year. Let’s get right to it, we arent the biggest house music fans out there, and you would never catch us dead at anything like Ultra Music Festival. That’s kind of where WMC week comes in. These are 21+ Vegas style beach/pool parties that will have you working your butt off at the gym, getting a spray tan, and spending way too much money on a cute swimsuit.

While we’re still young, we are going to fully take advantage of our freedom to party on the weekends in our bikinis. Yes, we have a ton of friends with babies who will also encourage this behavior through and through. Spend a Saturday in Miami with us as we party #OnTheScene at Nikki Beach and SLS.

Details below!

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