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On The ATX Scene

LL to ATX! Well…sort of. It should come as no surprise to most of you, but Lindsey has officially moved to Austin, TX to be #OnTheATXScene! We had so much fun celebrating her going away brunch with our favorite people last month.

What does this mean for LLScene? Not much at all. Lindsey will be opening our office in Austin, and bring you everything you need to know about beauty, fashion, and lifestyle businesses in the Austin area (aka #OnTheATXScene), and Lilly will continue to hold it down here at our South Florida office; continuing to bring you everything you need to know about where to go and what to do here in South Florida. Same girls, same concept, just different cities with new opportunities to keep you #OnTheScene in every way possible. However, Lindsey will be back at least once a month for events, visits, and everything in between, how can she not? South Florida will ALWAYS be her home. Be on the lookout for reviews, recommendations, and so much more for lifestyle brands in Austin!

Rest assured, this is something we‘ve been strategizing for months now, (big thanks to everyone for their support and those who have been a part of planning this transition - you know who you are). We’re so happy to celebrate our amazing friendship, how far we’ve come, and our bright future together as best friends and business partners and the future of LLScene!

Thanks “y’all” - did we do that right? So much to learn.


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