TREND ALERT: Spring Style Guide

This year’s Spring Style Guide is significantly different than last year’s for many reasons, and we couldn’t be happier about that. This time last year we were confused and completely oblivious as to where the year would bring us, but now that we are approaching a light at the end of the tunnel, our style does too. Don’t get us wrong, you don’t expect you to jump right into full-on formal-wear after wearing sweatpants all year, but we’re spicing it up and providing something for everyone this year.

The Neutral Color Palette

Let’s start with your spring color palette because it’s not business as usual, which means you don’t have to worry about filling your wardrobe with florals this season because it’s all about neutrals this season. You can take that however you want to; dark neutrals, light neutrals, brown, chocolate…etc. So don’t start freaking out when you start seeing neutrals take over the fashion game. For the record, we’re totally on board with this.

Mono B: We LIVE in this neutral, half-zip, long sleeve crop by Mono B. It’s a go-to piece when we pair our Mono B light-neutral joggers with it, which are one of the most comfortable, high-waisted, flattering joggers you will ever wear in your life. When was the last time you saw flattering joggers that compliment your curves in all the right places? Oh and…they have pockets.

Purchase Mono B Joggers HERE:


Numi: When wearing anything with an extreme high-waist, you’ll want to pair it with a slim-fitting crop top that is made for any body type, which is what Numi strives for - something for every body type. And shocker, our favorite Numi top is their off-the-shoulder brown crop top because of its versatility. Dress it up or dress it down with your favorite leggings or joggers, that’s the beauty of it!

Purchase Numi Top HERE:


Swim into Spring

What’s a Spring Style Guide without the latest swimwear trends of the season? This is where SWIMINSTA comes in - our favorite new swimwear company. As a serial mom-preneuer, you will want to celebrate and get behind Andréa Bernholtz’s new line, SWIMINSTA, who also happens to be known for co-founding the luxury collection, Rock & Republic. Why will you love SWIMINSTA? We have many reasons; their swimwear is FLATTERING, eco-conscious, sexy, and supportive pieces that are made for movement with adjustable, personalized fits that come in sizes from A-DDD. In addition to those benefits, SWIMINSTA has a discrete “Try At Home” option, so shoppers can choose a selection of suits to try and decide which to keep and send back the rest. Do you know any other swimwear company that offers something like that? We need more of these options in our life. Lindsey rocked this sexy number to the beach AND played beach volleyball in it. Need we say more? It’s wearable and s

supportive for any occasion or mood you’re in this spring.



Slip into Something More Comfortable

Have you ever had such an appreciation for house slippers until being in quarantine? Chances are, you’ve worn yours down to their last thread and it’s time for a new pair because your feet aren’t being supported around the house. After seeing Terrelique Premium House Slippers on Instagram, we knew we had to have them. Do they slightly resemble shower slippers you wore to the bathroom in your dorm room in college? Sort of. But, they are SO much more than that. These premium indoor slippers feel so nice against your feet as you walk around the house because they’re built to keep your feet active and comfortable at the same time. The comfort level is state-of-the-art and something you’ll never be able to live without again. And let’s not take away from the fact that they come in the perfect neutral color to match everything else you’ll be buying this season. Are we seeing a trend here?

Purchase Terrelique Premium House Slippers HERE: https://terrelique.com/products/relaxation-slips