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Who are Lindsey & Lilly of LLScene?

Hey Guys! We thought we would take a moment to re-introduce ourselves on the blog because it's been a while. That's life! For those of you who are new readers, welcome and follow us on Instagram @LLScene for real-time updates and content. So who are we? Lindsey & Lilly, best friends of nine years, the blonde to the other's brunette, we fight like sisters, and have a business together.

We aren't the type of girls that keep fashion and beauty secrets to ourselves. When we love something enough to blog about it or post about it on our social media pages, ​you are getting the real deal. When we love something we shout it from the rooftops. We're unapologetically ourselves, constantly expanding our knowledge in the industry, love football, and absolutely love celebrating Halloween together.

That being said, when we love a brand or business we want the world to know about it and we understand what it takes to make that happen. In addition to our "Influencer life", we offer a-la-carte Social Media Management services customized to our clients' needs. We've broken down all of our services below or you can visit our Services page for more information about everything we offer at LLScene.

Social Media Management

Through our expertise in Social Media Marketing, we have the capabilities to take your brand to the next level by never losing sight of your goals as a business owner while pivoting with your needs as the world changes daily. Social media is here to stay and your business will fall behind if you don't start taking it seriously.

Public Relations

LLScene will successfully strategize and deliver the message of your brand through our established media relationships. The media avenues we specialize in include but are not limited to, digital media channels, celebrity branding opportunities, online, local and national print, television, and radio.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is a new concept taking over a business's ability to create brand awareness overnight. LLScene tap into Influencer Marketing through demographic research and their connections. This hybrid of old and new marketing tools transforms the idea of celebrity endorsements and places it into a full-on marketing campaign for brands to raise awareness.

Digital Marketing

Branding is key to success for any business and that all starts with Digital Marketing. As ‘content marketers’, we utilize influencer marketing, social media platforms, and graphic artists to match your branding with the proper opportunities.

Product Reviews

Looking to create a buzz about your brand or product but don't need the full list of LLScene services? Send us your product and we will review it on LLScene. If you have an awesome product that is just waiting to be reviewed, we want to hear from you! Email for more information.

Brand Strategy

Discovering brand awareness is one of the most important things a business needs whether they are just starting off or have been in the industry for years. As the world evolves, so should your brand identity and we do that by targeting your audience, organizing your company and desired identity, and putting an LLScene twist on it.

Looking to collab? Or have a question about our Social Media Management services in South Florida and Austin, TX? Is there a fashion trend/product you want us to feature? We'd love to hear from you! Send us an email at Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you get to know us and our sense of humor soon!


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