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Falling for Football Fashion with Miss.Fanatic

One of the many things we love about LLScene, The Lifestyle is the fact that it's not just a fashion blog, mommy blog, beauty blog, fitness blog...etc. We have the freedom to cover anything we damn well feel like covering!

We are so excited to introduce you all to one of our favorite companies, Miss.Fanatic. Miss.Fanatic is a sports inspired ladies clothing line that offers sexy styles to flaunt your team spirit. They offer swimwear and apparel to compliment your style whether you're cheering in the stands or lying on the beach. We can all trade in those oversized jerseys for something little more flattering and fabulous. They also have you covered for the NBA season as well ladies, so there are no excuses!


It might come as a shock to you that the LLScene girls are HUGE football fans. Lindsey & Lilly love to cheer on their Florida State Seminoles every Saturday, but can't express how much it equally bothers us when girls don't dress for the occasion when rooting on their favorite teams.


We were honored to interview the visionary behind this concept, founder, Tiffany Pearl.

LLScene: What inspired you to launch this unique brand of swimsuits?

Miss Fanatic: I was a cheerleader for the Miami Dolphins for 4 years while attending college to earn my bachelor’s degree in fashion merchandising. The director of the dolphins knew this and asked me to create some designs for the calendar unveiling fashion show. I created a number of looks for the show and had received a great response. People were asking me if they could buy the designs although I didn’t have any to sell. At that point it made me realize how slim the options were for stylish sports apparel and it prompted me to begin the creation of Miss Fanatic.

LLScene: Are you a sports-fanatic yourself? Who are your favorite teams?

Miss Fanatic: I’ve been a sports fanatic since I was a little girl. I always loved the energy and excitement surrounding a game. As fans, were able to connect with so many people who share the same passion for our team which is a very special part of sports. Growing up and cheering in Miami it’s obvious that when I put on a jersey the colors will always be orange and teal. I also danced for the Orlando Magic so when NBA season rolls around my house becomes divided between our love for the Orlando Magic and love for the Miami Heat. But in this business I really do support all teams because regardless of who is playing, the game is where the excitement is at.

LLScene: Where is the best place for new customers to shop for their favorite team's apparel?

Miss Fanatic: Shopping to find the perfect game day pieces can be challenging depending on the area you live in. Team arena shops or college campus bookstores are always the best place to look for team apparel first because they always have the best selection of product lines to choose from and are able to keep the styles current due to the high traffic they have come through their stores. Otherwise I find it best to shop online for my game day gear. You can always find so many options to choose from and see on model shots to help visualize what the garment may look like on. My favorite online retailer and where a large selection of MISS FANATIC apparel can be found is, always the best selection and quick delivery!


MISS FANATIC, LLC was officially organized in the state of Florida in April of 2010. Founder and creative director, Tiffany Pearl, is no stranger to the sports world. Tiffany spent four years in the NFL with the Miami Dolphins Cheerleading Organization, as captain and 2010 Pro-Bowl selection and a year with the Orlando Magic as an NBA dancer. While in Miami, Tiffany attended the Miami International University of Art and Design, earning her Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Merchandising. As a true sports “fanatic” herself, Tiffany recognized an underlying void in the market for fashion forward sports inspired apparel for women. That reality, combined with her deeply rooted entrepreneurial spirit, love of fashion andwitnessing first-hand the passion and commitment of other sports “fanatics” while representing professional sports teams paved the way for the development of the MISS FANATIC line.

Today, MISS FANATIC is a nationally recognized brand, combining timeless sportswear and apparel with fashionable contemporary touches. Successfully sold nationwide over the last four and a half years and in a variety of categories, MISS FANATIC manifests an endless passion for sports and fashion through its versatile collection of swimwear, beach cover-ups, tops, bottoms, dresses and other active wear. Hip and flattering, contemporary and evolving, MISS FANATIC caters to fans of all ages and demographics by offering multiple silhouettes and pieces at varying price points

MISS FANATIC is currently licensed with all 30 NBA teams and over 60 NCAA Universities and has flourished in this market by developing and delivering unique attention getting products that appeal to a wide range of consumers. MISS FANATIC’s ability to efficiently introduce new products lends to legitimate growth potential and expansion opportunities for several future brands including “MR FANATIC”, “mini-FANATIC” and “FANATIC Beauty”.

Instagram: @missfanatic

A campus bookstore bought FSU or OSU t-shirt is not going to cut it this year ladies. They are great shirts for bed, but please make the effort support your team in style this football season. That being said, we truly appreciate companies like Miss.Fanatic for bringing us a fashionable alternative to your everyday football outfit.You might even recognize LLScene's own, Lilly in some of their pictures!

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