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Beach to Bar Style

Is it too early to start preparing for Miami Swim Week? Didn't think so. It's March, so it’s time to get to get that barre class you’ve been avoiding, refresh your bathing suit collection, and get a spray tan.

In our college days, the month of March meant Spring Break, but in #SceneGirl world, it means pool parties and day drinking. Since when did a casual beach day become a fashion day out, you ask? Since the concept of ‘Beach to Bar’ graced our vocabulary. You want to be comfortable enough to enjoy a day on the beach, but stylish enough to transition that day to a cocktail or two at the neighboring beach bar.

All month long, we will share our favorite workouts, beauty secrets, and fashion statements that will keep you at a #SceneGirl status during beach season.There are new ‘sunkissed trends’ every spring, so it can be hard to keep up with ‘what’s in’ and ‘what’s out’. Today’s post spotlights the looks you will be sure to see your #SceneGirls rocking on the beach this year.

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