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DMD Artistry

When it comes to getting our hair and makeup done, we are very picky about who we trust with a curling iron and an airbrush machine. There are the 'go to' styles we gravitate toward - hair down, curled, with slight contouring, but when it came to the Mayor's Ball, we wanted something different, something GLAM!

That's where Dominique of DMD Artistry came in. After following us on Instagram, she knew exactly how to guide us away from our comfort zones without losing sight of our LLScene style.

As a child, Lindsey grew up with…how should we say this…? Dumbo ears. At least that's what the kids in middle school used to call her. That being said, up until the Mayor's Ball, wearing her hair up in any capacity had been completely out of the question. Dominique was able to cover her ears in such a way that made Lindsey very comfortable with the concept of an updo, who knew?!

Luckily, Lilly never had the same problems as Lindsey growing up, but wearing her hair up wasn't something she was entirely comfortable doing either. We both vowed to do something different with our hair for once, support each other, and hope for the best. This is was Lilly's final product. Beauty & elegance.

This crazy idea of ours probably would have had a totally different outcome, had we not had Dominique and Daphne there to talk us through it, and do EXACTLY what we wanted. In between googling Blake Lively updos, Kim Kardashian makeup trends, and making fun of Jennifer Garner in "13 Going on 30", we were ready for the Mayor's Ball.

Unfortunately, the day of the Mayor's Ball was filled with torrential downpours, which is never a good look on a #SceneGirl. Luckily, we had Dominique to the rescue. We aren't sure what she did, or how she did it, but she made sure there would be no threat of a shiny face, or hint of humidity on our head.

We had so much fun getting ready with Dominique and Daphne for the Mayor's Ball. DMD Artistry offers an array of services, not just limited to hair and makeup. We have provided a complete list of everything they offer below.

Whether you're a bride, in need of a new colorist, stylist or makeup artist, you will want to contact them for any of your beautifying needs. We had so much fun with DMD Artistry, and would love to bring them with us to NYFW in September to get us paparazzi ready before entering Lincoln Center. What do ya say Dominique? Ready to party with the #SceneGirls during fashion week?


Hair Cutting & Styling


Blow Dry

Special Occasion Styling






Airbrush Application

Lash Application



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