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Wine-on-Tap with Boxxle!


As you know, Lindsey and Lilly love their wine, so when we met the inventor of Boxxle, Tripp Middleton, on #SceneGirl Jess’s bachelorette party we knew there was something special about this concept. You may have even seen us post about Boxxle on social media because we’re literally obsessed with everything about it.

So...what exactly is Boxxle? It’s paving the way for wine drinkers all over the country as a multi-patented dispenser for 3-liter Premium Wine Casks. Knowing the benefits and quality of wine in “Bag-in-Box” packaging, inventor of Boxxle, Tripp Middleton, wanted to take the concept to the next level, by solving the counter presentation and difficulty of pouring. Boxxle produces a stylish and elegant way to dispense great wine-by-the-glass at home. Is there anything worse than opening up a bottle of wine only to have 1-2 glasses then having to throw away the bottle a couple of days later? We don’t know about you, but there’s something about drinking from an opened 4 day old bottle of wine that grosses us out.


We know what you may be thinking at this point, boxed wine?! Well, step aside wine snobs because we’ve done a ton of tastings and the stigma surrounded boxed wine is something of the past. Our favorite boxed wine you ask? Black Box Pino Noir. We can’t tell you how easy and convenient it is to have a Boxxle sitting on your kitchen counter with fresh wine ready to be consumed, without having to go through the annoying steps of opening a bottle or fearing that your wine has already been spoiled. As you can see, Boxxle is easy enough to transport to parties and events. With the FSU vs. Miami game approaching, we have every intention of bringing Boxxle to our FSU tailgate next weekend!


After meeting Tripp and his partners, we knew we had to find out more about his inspiration behind Boxxle. As an avid bottled wine drinker, Middleton struggled with constantly having to pour unfinished, spoiled bottles down the drain. After reading an article about the introduction of high quality 3-liter "box" wines that had half the carbon footprint, 80% less landfill waste, and the ability to stay fresh for up to six weeks, Middleton was ready to change the industry. "Wine by the glass in the comfort of my own home seemed like the perfect solution to my waste problem, but I still battled with the thought of having to go through the motions of pulling an ugly cardboard box to the edge of my counter and then tilting it over for a simple glass of wine. There had to be a more efficient and classy way,” said Middleton.


"I want to educate bottled wine drinkers; 3-liter “Bag-in-Box” is becoming one of the fastest growing segments in the wine industry. Boxxle is perfect for home entertainers, or just people that drink one glass a night and are tired of pouring good wine and money down the drain,” said Middleton. Statistics show that 3-liter “Bag-in-Box” wines rival what 90% of American wine drinkers are buying in quality and in flavor. If you’re not ready to part with your favorite bottled wine, don’t fret – many bottled wines are available in a 3-liter “Bag-in-Box” option, with savings of over 20-30%.

Boxxle is currently sold at Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, Amazon, Brookstone, Sharper Image, Home Depot and UncommonGoods, as well as online at with free shipping.


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