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Time and time again we hear the same question being asked, "what exactly do you do at LLScene?" We get it, it seems like we're coming out with something new every day, but it's only to expand our brand and grow our business. Today, we're going to clear it ALL up for you, so you can fully understand what it is we do and how we can possibly help your business.

Social Media Management

The importance of properly marketing your business on social media is CRUCIAL toward your success as a small business owner. It's kind of crazy how social media has evolved as it's own marketing entity and it's important you all see the value you in that. How hard can it be to manage your own social media pages? Pretty hard, just ask some of our clients. Do you have time to post engaging content on 4 different platforms that speaks true to your brand every single day? No, we know you don't. We create marketable content that will increase sales and foot traffic almost instantly. Not only is our content bringing in the clientele you want to see in your establishment, but we target that clientele on top of that. What exactly does that mean? Without giving away too many of our insider secrets, we target local people that fit within the age and lifestyle demographic you want as a client and convert them into clients. By now, I hope you see the value and time that goes into properly launching successful social media campaigns. Here are some examples of current social media platforms we manage (including our very own), so you can get a better idea!

LLScene Facebook Page

LLScene Instagram

LLScene Twitter

LLScene Pinterest

Wonderland Bridal Facebook Page

Wonderland Bridal Instagram

Wonderland Bridal Twitter

Wonderland Bridal Pinterest

Face2Face Studios Facebook Page

Face2Face Studios Instagram

Apricot Lane Facebook Page

Apricot Lane Instagram

The Salt Station Facebook Page

The Salt Station Instagram

Worth Repeating Facebook Page

Worth Repeating Instagram

Seven Elements Wellness Spa Facebook Page

Seven Elements Wellness Spa Instagram

Market Your Business the Right Way...

In addition to the fashion and lifestyle side of our business, we offer Public Relations & Digital Marketing consulting, which helps business owners expand their on and offline presence. With the ever-changing digital trends, it's hard to keep up with everything going on in the industry if you're not educating yourselves and checking up on it every single day. That's where we come in! Business owners are far too busy to come up with creative marketing campaigns for each and every season, even though it's one of the most important things you should be doing for your business. We're constantly researching and continuing our marketing education to bring businesses innovative, yet trending insight into how to properly market their lifestyle businesses through our network of like-minded (but not competitive) business professionals. Oh, and did we mention we have an AMAZING in-house graphic artist, who knows exactly what it takes to brand businesses so they're marketable toward the clientele you're trying to reach?

PR, PR, PR and more PR!

One of the main concerns we hear when speaking to potential clients about our PR services is that they are sick of paying for advertising, and we don't blame them. Guess what? Public Relations has NOTHING to do with paid advertising. There's a huge difference between advertising and exposure. With all of the digital resources out there, there's no reason for a small business to waste money advertising in publications or on the radio, especially when they can hire PR experts like us! We evaluate businesses by creating newsworthy topics that are trending in the industry and pitch them to our long list of media contacts we have established throughout the years. Click Here for a full list of media placements we have made on behalf of our brand and our clients' throughout the years. Stop paying for advertising, you know you don't want to.

Client Perks!

We're going to be perfectly frank with you here. LLScene's blog and social media platforms make us VERY different than your every day marketing agency. Why? Because people care what we are doing and where we are doing. We have generated loyal fan base and high amount of engagement numbers on social media. You hire us and you're featured on all of our pages, plain and simple. We have established a sense of trust with our followers and will only take on clients we feel passionate about promoting ourselves. We have turned away multiple businesses because they didn't fit within our client and viewer requirements.

Featured Blog Posts!

If you're not ready to fully commit to PR and Marketing just yet, you might be interested in having your business or product featured on our blog! For more information on how you can have your lifestyle, fashion or beauty product featured on LLScene, please email us with more information. If it's a fit for us and our readers, we will be happy to work with you!

Wow, that was a lot of information for one post. If you're confused or overwhelmed with what you just read, don't be! Reach out to us directly and we can come up with a package that best suits you and your business!


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