Feelin' Shady? LLScene's Favorite Summer Sunnies

As summer approaches all we can think about is our new Summer Swag collection and sunglasses. It seems as if we have developed a little bit of a “sunglass addiction” and don’t plan on stopping any time soon. Open our purses or the center console of our cars, and what will you see? Sunglasses.

Why do girls have such an obsession with finding the perfect pair of sunglasses? For one, they serve as a HUGE defense mechanism when it comes to taking on the summer heat, or avoiding someone you don’t want to speak with. Throw on a pair of fabulous shades and you just turned your outfit from a 6 to a 10. They can do so much for us all!

That being said, we are featuring some of our favorite sunglass trends and styles of summer 2017. Enjoy and shop our favorite sunnies!

Dior Split Sunglasses

Bloomingdales, Town Center Boca Raton

A-List Cay Eye Sunglasses

Gentle Monster Absente Sunglasses

Ray-Ban Round Brow Bar Sunglasses

Andris Sunglasses

Quay Santa Fe Cat Eye Sunglasses

Gucci Gradient Round Sunglasses

Ray-Ban Jo-Ja Round Sunglasses

Dolce & Gabbana Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses

As if you needed another reason to start shopping for the summer, we just gave you one!


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