Back to School Outfit Inspiration

Anyone else having a sincere amount of nostalgia this week with all this back to school talk? On account of having B2S fomo, we have replaced shopping for school supplies with shopping for new office supplies. It doesn’t fill the void that binders and colored pens used to bring us, but it will do for now.

The age demographic for our blog viewership goes all across the board in South Florida, so it's only appropriate to bring you all a post centered around back to school shopping. You can’t go anywhere in South Florida for the next month without hearing people talk about back to school shopping. In true fashion, we’re here to bring you our favorite back-to-school looks no matter how you’re going back to school.

As always, Apricot Lane has everything you’re looking for and everything you need. We’ve got something for the college girl on the prowl for a new wardrobe, a high schooler looking to make a statement, or a mom looking for a little "car line couture" this year. But first, take a look at the #TrendingTuesday segment Lindsey did at Apricot Lane Wellington earlier this week, spotlighting her favorite back to school new arrivals!

For the mom looking for a little "car line couture" this year...

(you know something easy you can throw on to show up all the other moms out there! You know you want to...)

For the college girl on the prowl for a new wardrobe...

(also great inspiration if you're going through sorority recruitment!)

For the high schooler looking to make a statement this year...

(assuming the rules haven't changed since we have been in high school, which is probably a bad assumption to make, but you get the idea...)


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