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Jill Zarin's 6th Annual Luxury Luncheon

LScene's Lindsey Swing, Bravo's Jill Zarin, LLScene's Lilly Robbins

‘What just happened’, are the thoughts that many of you (including ourselves) might be asking this week if you had a chance to follow us on Instagram over the weekend. Well...if you must know we accomplished a Publicists dream for a client that couldn't be more deserving of it, XO8 Cosmeceuticals. All of which couldn’t have been possible without our friends Brian Kelly and Sean Koski from Ticket2Events.

XO8 Cosmeceuticals Launches Retail Collection, XO8 Skincare at Jill Zarin's 6th Annual Luxury Luncheon

You’ve seen us post about XO8 Cosmeceuticals and many of you have experienced the benefits of their Placenta Stem Cell Mask for years now, so it’s no surprise that they were invited by Jill Zarin herself to participate her in 6th Annual Luxury Luncheon in the Hamptons to launch their retail collection, XO8 Skincare.

XO8 Cosmeceuticals Launches Retail Collection, XO8 Skincare at Jill Zarin's 6th Annual Luxury Luncheon
XO8 Cosmeceuticals Launches Retail Collection, XO8 Skincare at Jill Zarin's 6th Annual Luxury Luncheon

Brian and Sean from Ticket2Events really rolled out the red carpet for us and XO8, and we couldn’t be more grateful. In addition to their celebrity event planning business, Sean and Brian also influencers, fashionistas, and LLScene’s absolute besties. It’s so refreshing to come across people in our industry that GET IT, and they certainly do. Brian is the ‘Lilly’ and Sean is the ‘Lindsey’ and we make for a great team and even better foursome. We just LOVE them.

LScene's Lindsey Swing, Ticket2Events Sean Koski, Ticket2Events Brian Kelly, LLScene's Lilly Robbins

Jill Zarin’s Luxury Luncheon took place Saturday, July 28th at the Topping Rose House in the Bridgehampton and was nothing short of fabulous; complete with a slay bravolebrities and Jill’s besties which included, Comedian, Heather McDonald, Leanne Locken from Dallas, Vicki Gunvalson from Orange County, Juliet Angus from Ladies of London, Kathy Wakile from New Jersey, Cindy Barshop from New York, and Lauren Wirkus and Stephen McGee from Summer House. All of which were lovely, gracious, and so much fun to hang out with!

LScene's Lindsey Swing, Comedian, McDonald, LLScene's Lilly Robbins with XO8 Cosmeceuticals
Bravo's Lauren Wirkus and Stephen McGee with XO8 Cosmeceuticals
LLScene's Lilly Robbins, Bravo's Stephen McGee, LLScene's Lindsey Swing, Bravo's Lauren Wirkus

The annual event was held in honor of Jill’s late husband, Bobby Zarin to raise funds for Thyroid Cancer research. Guests paid quite a bit (up to $5,000 a ticket) to attend this exclusive bash, all of which went to the wonderful cause and left them with thousands of dollars worth of swag.

Co-Founders of LLScene Lindsey Swing & Lilly Robbins on the red carpet at Jill Zarin's 6th Annual Luxury Luncheon

In addition to the charity aspect of the event, Jill has a passion for entrepreneurs and helping them activate new brands in the lifestyle, fashion and beauty industry. With this passion comes Jill's glowing reputation, influential platform, and celebrity inner circle. Put that all together and you have yourself a recipe for a brand to take off overnight.

Bravo's Jill Zarin with XO8 Cosmeceuticals
Mike Laudisio, Lindsey Swing, Jill Zarin, Rose Laudisio, Lilly Robbins with XO8 Cosmeceuticals
Rita Cosby, Lindsey Swing, Rose Laudisio, Lilly Robbins with XO8 Cosmeceuticals

The blogger in us got the best of us, so we walked the red carpet, mingled with celebrities and got to know the other amazing businesses in attendance. Here are some of the favorite new businesses you should all be on the lookout for...

Luxe Lash Love - The hottest new brand in cruelty-free mink lashes. The owners were so cute and from Tampa, so we really hit it off with them. These lashes are amazing and so easy to apply. You can also reuse them up to ten times, so that's pretty remarkable. Everyone was coming to our table with long, beautiful lashes from Luxe Lash Love.

Luxe Lash Love

Blush and Whimsy - A New Mexico startup launching beautiful products straight from a fairy tale. We bring magic into everyday life. Founded in 2016, and their packages are made with love by a team of people with disabilities. Their branding and concept is adorable.

Blush & Whimsy

Spirit Box - A perfect gift for parents to share with girls 4-6. We’ve already told all our mom friends about this company and I'm pretty sure they've already started to order it for their little ones. It was also started by a cheer mom and daughter, so you know that got our attention. As two former competitive cheerleaders, we can really appreciate this subscription box. It gives you everything you need as a cheerleader, dancer, and gymnast to go along with that lifestyle.

Spirit Box

Organic Hair Care Inc. - THANK GOODNESS FOR THIS COMPANY. We ran out of all our hair products on the last day of our vacation and they gifted us a set of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and leave-in conditioner. We couldn't stop talking about how amazing it smells. It's really hard to find natural products that not only smell good but leave your hair feeling fresh and healthy and this is exactly what Organic Hair Care Inc. did for us. Thank you, ladies. We are forever grateful.

Jill Zarin with Organic Hair Care Inc.

These are some of the highlighted companies that caught our attention at the luncheon, for many reasons as you can see. Still can't believe we even have the opportunity to recap such an amazing event and can't wait to see where these brands will go in the future. Thank you again to XO8 Cosmeceuticals, Ticket2Events, and of course the beautiful and gracious Jill Zarin for having us.

Jill Zarin's 6th Annual Luxury Luncheon

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