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Women Killing it in the Biz | WOMEN'S DAY

Women Killing it in the Biz | WOMEN'S DAY

With Women’s Day coming up this Sunday, it’s only fitting that we would spotlight women entrepreneurs and women simply killing it in the biz. We know first hand how hard it is to run your own business as young entrepreneurs so the amount of respect we have for this list of ladies goes without saying.

Let’s start off with the fact that we can’t celebrate Women’s Day without giving a special shoutout to our moms: Nancy Boyle, Lindsey’s mom, Jody Robbins, Lilly’s mom and Lisa Wisnoski Robbins, Lilly’s stepmom. We would be NOWHERE without these amazing women. They support us unconditionally and have made us into the classy little ladies we are today.

Women Killing it in the Biz | WOMEN'S DAY

Skylar Reeves, Founder & CEO of Fame Parties

If you’re a parent, you’re going to want to read this one closely. We can’t tell you how many of our “mom friends” spend their days complaining about the boring, stereotypical family photos they do year after year and we’re happy to report that by the time we have kids, Fame Parties will have made their mark in South Florida by then. Skylar Reeves, the Founder & CEO of Fame Parties and mother of two felt the same way and decided to do something about it. Fame Parties is such a cool concept that elevates your family photos in the best way possible. So, what is a Fame Party? A Fame Party is designed to give families the opportunity to have a professional photoshoot in a fun, low-pressure setting with one of their talented Star Photographers. After booking a Fame Party, hosts and hostesses can contact their family and friends that might be interested in participating. You schedule each family for a 15-minute time slot to shoot with a Star Photographer. Once you've confirmed a spot at a Fame Party, one of their hand-picked Star Photographers will shoot you; you and your significant other; your kids; you and your kids; even your 4-legged family members at no cost for 15 minutes. Depending on the location the hostess has chosen, their photographer can shoot inside, outside, or both. You can bring your own props and even a quick outfit change for the kids or ourselves. During the shoot they capture between 60-100 images which will be edited and delivered in our fun, 15 Minutes of Fame style! If the hostess allows, we can even bring mimosas for the adults! Why not create timeless family memories you will be happy to look back on in years to come? When it comes time for us to have kids, you better believe we will be having a Fame Party.

Women Killing it in the Biz | WOMEN'S DAY

Rose Laudisio, Licensed Esthetician and CEO & Founder of XO8 Cosmeceuticals & XO8 Skin

If you have had the opportunity to get to know Rose Laudisio or just have a short conversation with her, you’re one of the lucky ones. We’re so lucky to have gotten to know Rose, the CEO & Founder of XO8 Cosmeceuticals and XO8 Skin, our favorite line of skincare products, but for Rose, it’s so much more than that. Rose puts her heart and soul into every single product she produces while keeping in mind what women actually need and want when it comes to their skin. As a Licensed Skincare Expert, Rose has been at the forefront of the skincare industry and established herself as an innovative and genuine entrepreneur with a unique approach to style and beauty. Her greatest satisfaction comes from her ability to contribute to healthy, youthful-looking skin while affecting the well-being and self-confidence of her clients. She truly wants to make a difference and transform the way women look and feel about themselves, which makes it a no brainer that she made our list of amazing women in the biz.

Women Killing it in the Biz | WOMEN'S DAY

Danielle White, MSN, FNP-C, Founder of d’lux aesthetics

Who doesn’t love a fellow woman who goes out of their way to make other women look and feel their best? As you know, we take anti-aging VERY seriously here at LLScene, and we have Danielle White the Founder of d’lux aesthetics to thank for that. Simply put, Danielle is an ARTIST when it comes to transforming the face in the most natural non-invasive way. Danielle understands that the anatomy of the face varies for every individual that comes to her and she knows just what to do with that. With SO many medical spas popping up in the area lately, you want to find someone you can trust with the credentials to back it up. We can’t tell you how many people are SHOCKED when we tell them we are 32 and we have Danielle to thank for that. We are never ones to hide why we look so young or why our skin glows the way it does and it’s because of Danielle. We have clearly had our own experiences with Danielle, but her testimonials also speak for themselves. She can basically hand-make a new face simply with injectables so you’re avoiding invasive downtime while receiving a natural look that will keep people guessing.

If you have been toying around with getting Botox or Injectables, d’lux aesthetics is teaming up with Flawless Skincare and Bikini Crush Swimwear for a night of Botox & Bikinis! Meet Danielle and learn more about her and the services she offers. Details below!

Botox & Bikinis Event Information:

Women Killing it in the Biz | WOMEN'S DAY

Stacey Graham, SGPR Group, Inc.

This next one needs no introduction, Stacey Graham is the epitome of the term “you can have it all,” but that doesn’t come easy - she just makes it look easy. Stacey created her PR Firm in 2008 after being in the industry for over fifteen years. Being the PR Representative for one of our favorite brands, Erin Condren, Stacey has the ability to secure national press for her clients in her sleep. In addition to that, you can see her strutting her stuff on the red carpet at every single award show you can think of. The most important job Stacey has is being a mom. When she’s not securing national press for her clients or walking the red carpet, she’s an INCREDIBLE mom to two adorably talented kids and never misses a beat, play, or hockey game they’re involved in. When does she sleep? We have had the honor of knowing Stacey since we launched LLScene five years ago and whether she knows this or not, she has been a huge inspiration and influence to us as we grow our business. Let’s just say this, Stacey is the definition of GOALS and deserves to be recognized on Women’s Day.

Women Killing it in the Biz | WOMEN'S DAY

Lynn Aronberg, Founder & CEO of Lynn Aronberg Public Relations

Where do we even begin with this socialite PR maven? We can’t imagine writing an article that celebrates women during Women’s Day without mentioning Lynn Aronberg. This powerhouse has been taking the PR industry by storm for over 10 years and has so much to show for it. Lynn Aronberg is the Founder & CEO of Lynn Aronberg Public Relations and has close working relationships with local, regional, national and global A list media with a strong understanding of their needs and innovative, yet untraditional ways to get her clients the media coverage they deserve. We can’t begin to tell you how much Lynn has taught us throughout the years. There’s something she’s doing differently that no other PR maven out there can do. We have yet to figure out what that difference is, and probably never will unless she lets us study her brain one day. She’s constantly on-the-go and making a name for herself on a social and professional level. In addition to owning her own company, she also founded the Booked Up Palm Beach, a social & philanthropic community of like-minded women celebrating literacy through libraries in the Palm Beaches and beyond, aka BOOK CLUB! We are both a part of this book club and meet once a month to discuss the “book of the month” over intelligent conversation and cocktails. All of the women in the book club are female business owners, so it’s a no brainer that we celebrate Lynn, her business, and Booked Up Palm Beach.

Women Killing it in the Biz | WOMEN'S DAY

Lastly, as a shameless plug, if you’re not familiar with what we do at LLScene, we’re so much more than local bloggers and influencers. In addition to our blog and influential following, we also provide PR, Social Media Management and Marketing services to local and national businesses in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industry. We’ve been in business for over 5 years and love to see how much our business grows year after year.

It’s so hard for us to create a shortlist of all the women entrepreneurs we know, love and respect in the community especially when we have the honor of being surrounded by women business owners on a regular basis. As you know, we celebrate women every single day, but make sure to take note and praise the special women in your life this Sunday, March 8th during Women’s Day! Here are some of our other favorite “women in business” that we can’t go without mentioning.

Sarah Martin, CEO of Experience Epic Events

Heather McMechan, Founder of Local Mom Scoop

Patti Nachmann and Alicyn Munoz, Owners of Wonderland Bridal

Jodi Dery, Founder, CEO at Cloud 10 Blow Dry Bar & Beauty Salon

Shaina Wizov, Founder of Take a Bite Out of Boca

Apricot Lane Delray Beach & Apricot Lane Coconut Creek

Melanie De Vito, Marketing Director at The Addison in Boca Raton

Durée Mellion Ross, President of Durée & Company

Michelle Olson-Rogers, Founder of Modern Boca Mom

Michelle DiMarco, Owner of Lilac and Lilies Boutique

Shelly Van Pelt, Lead Stylist at Face2Face Studios

Jenna Caputo, Health & Beauty Influencer

Women Killing it in the Biz | WOMEN'S DAY

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