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Don’t lie, you’ve been living in athleisure-wear for the last 4 months and don’t plan on wearing anything else until the end of time. JK, kind of. But, what’s the point of buying anything else right now? It’s the sad truth, but opening our emails from Vici and Lulus is a constant reminder that there are a million cute outfits and dresses out there and we have NOWHERE to wear them to. This is why we have fully embraced our obsession with athleisure-wear because they’re considered an “essential business” right now and you know it. Chances are you’re probably sick of the leggings and fitness-wear you’ve been rocking the last 4 months, so why not try something new? This is why we’re beyond happy to have found Savvi Fit! If you haven’t seen our obsessive posts about this line, then buckle up because you’re about to become just as obsessed as we are.

Lindsey in the Koza Leggings and Femme Sport Crop

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Lilly in the SSKin Leggings and Inna To

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Lindsey in the Riot Leggings and Stripe Crop Tank

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Lilly in the Stretch Leggings and Femme Sport Crop

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Lilly in the Koza Leggings and Femme x3

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Lilly in the Noor Joggers and Tie Tee

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Our friend, Tiffany Pantozzi is one of the hardest working women we know, literally, everything she touches turns to gold. On top of that, she has been in the retail industry for over 10+ years and understands style, quality, and comfort more than your average female. So, being that she's a no bullshit straight shooter it was an immediate YES when she asked us to partner with her. #LLSavvi is officially a thing, ya'll - do we ever say ya'll? I guess Lindsey's visits to Austin, TX are rubbing off on her.

Since we’re all living in leggings, sports bras, tank tops, and tees right now, there’s no better time to cancel your Fabletics membership (like we did) and jump on the bandwagon with us. Not only that, but they have clothes in EVERY SINGLE SIZE + a growing maternity line to all you preggos out there - and we know there are many of you post-quarantine, wink wink. We’ve been through our fair share of Lululemons, Athleta and all of the other overpriced fitness-wear out there only to be disappointed when they’re ruined the second you put them in the wash. Savvi Fit gives you the best of both worlds; a new take on STYLISH and COMFORTABLE athleisure/fitness-wear, without having to spend the astronomical prices other brands offer.

Bottom line, when we got our first orders in, we were hooked. Once we started spreading the word to our friends they were equally as obsessed. There’s something about the quality of these clothes that make it so different than anything else out there, it’s nearly impossible to describe so we will leave you with a direct quote from one of our friends, Megan.

“I can’t stop rubbing my thighs and boobs because these clothes are so soft and so well made.” - Megan Borgese, one of our trusted fitness besties.

Have we convinced you yet? The Savvi Fit collection is the best out there. Something to note is that they update their sizes and inventory every Friday, so if you see something you like right now but it doesn’t come in your size, check again every Friday at 1:30 PM EST because that is when their weekly launches drop. Not only do new sizes come in on Friday’s but new styles come in then too, so download the app, here and set your alarms for 1:30 PM EST because they sell out almost as fast a Kylie Lip Kit circa 2015. Just kidding, but setting an alarm reminder really helps. Here’s a sneak peek into the new items launching tomorrow. You’re the FIRST to see, so you should feel really special.

LLScene Perk: We have (limited) promo codes for $25 off your purchase so make sure to email us at or DM us @llscene to secure your $25 off promo code before anybody else. Also, if you’re interested in getting involved and partnering with Savvi Fit yourselves, YOU CAN! Savvi Fit is all about women empowerment - just like us! It’s a community of like-minded, relentlessly optimistic, smart-working, empowering individuals that believe TOGETHER we can create something bigger than what we can each do alone. Again, email us at or DM us @llscene if you’re interested in partnering with us!

As usual, thank you for taking the time to listen to us rant and rave about our latest obsessions, because you know we’ll only share things that are legit and we never disappoint. Don’t forget to download the Savvi Fit App before tomorrow at 1:30 PM EST so you can be the first to snag the latest styles and sizes you want.

We'll be posting weekly about their new arrivals so stay tuned for more!


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