LLScene's Dos & Don'ts of Miami Swim Week

We’re super excited for our girls weekend in Miami for Swim Week this year! This is a weekend we look forward to every summer because it gives us the opportunity to reinvent our style a because of the unlimited amount of inspiration we are constantly surrounded by.

So, here’s what you need to know about Swim Week if you’re planning on heading down to Miami this weekend - some do’s and don’ts if you will…

DO your research. Find out which designers are participating in events opposed to shows. Find out if those events are open to the public and go! Those are always the most fun because fashion, wellness and beauty vendors set up tables and you’re able to shop and get beautified.

For example, our favorite event is ESCAPE MIAMI - we go every year. This year we will be partnering with Face2Face Studios at their table while they do lashes and white henna. We will be selling SCENE SWAG, so come see us! Similar businesses will be there giving flash tats, having braid bars, selling bikinis and other fabulous accessories. This is always our favorite event, and it’s free!

DON’T just think you can show up at a fashion show and get in, that would be embarrassing. You can’t get into shows unless you were invited and RSVP’d.

DO tune into our live coverage throughout the weekend, especially if you were hoping to attend some of the shows. For a complete list of shows we’re attending CLICK HERE. Follow us on all our social media pages:

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DON’T overdo it. What do we mean by that? You’re not in Vegas, so don’t dress like you are. The pool parties in Miami are virtually different than the pool parties in Vegas. How can we put this nicely? DON’T wear heels or wedges to a Miami pool party or event because you will look like you’re trying too hard and no one wants that. Think cute flats and strappy sandals and you’ll be golden.

Still not sure what to wear? Lindsey spotlighted some of her favorite Swim Week looks earlier this week during her #TrendingTuesday video at Apricot Lane.

Here are some more ideas from Apricot Lane.

Of course you can't go wrong with a little Scene Swag, which is why we came out with new styles this week! SHOP HERE!

DO dress for the weather. Nothing can or will prepare you for the amount of heat and humidity in Miami in the middle of July. If you’re a sweater, plan accordingly - bring your makeup wipes, primer, setting spray, lightweight outfits and everything you need to survive in intense amounts of humidity. As you’re packing, you may not think or care about this and just bring what you want anyways. BIG MISTAKE. Keep this in mind, you’ll thank us later.

Hope this post helped you prepare for the weekend! If you have any further questions, shoot us an email info@ll-scene.com. If you’re planning on heading down there, let us know! We would love to connect.


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